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    It's raining, so I thought I'd do a quick update. We are on our third trip to Couples - first to CTI, having done Negril and CSA previously. So what have we learned so far (this is day 2)......

    * CTI is by far the friendliest of the three resorts - the staff seem much happier and friendlier than they were at CSA.
    * We like that the resort is small and compact, but do miss the fact that we can't go for walks on the beach
    * At repeaters dinner it was nice that they have staff who aren't management attending and sitting with guests. Having said that though, we had a lovely chap from the meet, greet and take to your room team. He was completely out of his depth and seemed really uncomfortable throughout the meal - very hard to get conversation out of him and he seemed to have no idea how to join in with the table conversation. I felt a bit sorry for him really. I'm not naming him here for obvious reasons.
    * We booked a garden view room and asked to use our Romance Rewards resort credit to upgrade. For $96 total for 12 nights we have upgraded to a deluxe ocean view on the 5th floor with perfect views directly in front of Tower Isle (we're in block 4 above the swim up bar). We couldn't believe how cheap it was to upgrade.
    * Americans are VERY loud when they have been drinking all day :-)
    *The point above is a huge generalisation :-) (but 5 floors up, with our balcony doors shut, we could hear every word of the conversation at the swim up bar)
    * Despite what we've read on the message board you do NOT have to be in your room to get the mini bar re-stocked. We put a card on our door at night and it's delivered the next day whilst we're out.
    * Again, although the website says that there are only fridges in the suites, we've got one in our room.

    Happy to try and answer any questions folks have, but once the sun comes out we won't be logging in so often!!

    Irie mon.

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    Say hi to O'Shane and Reinel from Jennifer and Kevin (we were there over Christmas and New Year's). We miss them dearly. Hopefully the sun comes out soon. Enjoy!!

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    Ooh, up to the minute update! Very nice! I'll ask my guy if he has any questions for you! I am so excited to go to CTI!

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    CTI staff rock!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdanjou View Post
    Say hi to O'Shane and Reinel from Jennifer and Kevin (we were there over Christmas and New Year's). We miss them dearly. Hopefully the sun comes out soon. Enjoy!!
    OShayne was serving me drinks on the beach this morning. Will say hi to him from you when I get back in a minute :-)

    Sun's out now - just escaped to cool down. All is good in paradise :-)

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    Please don't drink all the Crown...I'll be there in 11 days.
    Does it look like the rebuilt dock on the island is completed?

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    Is the dock on the island fixed yet?

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    Do you know what the catamaran cruise schedule is? I know I'll find out in 10 days when we get there, but right now it seems like an eternity!
    If you have been to Bayside and 8 Rivers, which would you choose to revisit if you could only pick one?
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    Sun is out and it's not too windy...all is good in paradise. To answer the questions so far:

    Yes, the dock on the island is fixed. Lovely new dock - very easy to get on and off the boat.

    Not sure about the Cat schedule. Seems to be going out most days. We're not planning to do it - looks like there's no shade at all on the Cat and nowhere to sit other than on the deck (no benches or seats - just flat on the deck). Doesn't look like much fun to us, but we know that others love it.

    If we could only choose one of Bayside or Eight Rivers it would be Bayside winning by a country mile. We ate at Eight Rivers last night. The atmosphere was zero, and service was surly and incredibly speedy - as soon as you put your cutlery down the plate was gone and the next course was unceremoniously dumped in front of you. And worst of all my chicken was half raw. Not that our server was interested in hearing that. Luckily I noticed it, but we were talking to someone after in the bar who had been ill in the night before....they had eaten at Eight Rivers and had the chicken!! We will try it again, but our first impressions were certainly not so good.

    Bayside, on the other hand, is a lovely setting, the food is very good (and we were taught how to cook Thai food in Thailand) and the chef, who is Thai, is delightful. Altogether a very different and much better experience.

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    Bayside does trump Eight Rivers in our opinion too, but we had great food and wonderful service at both. Sorry yours hasn't been so hot. That seems highly unusual, and I'd probably mention it to a manager or something.

    Please say hi to Kirk, one of the bellhops. Tell him that "fear the beard" and wife miss him and hope he's still there in January when we return "home."

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