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    Is the fee for Club Mobay worth it and does it really get you thru customs faster?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jan and rob View Post
    Is the fee for Club Mobay worth it and does it really get you thru customs faster?
    Its a gamble. Here is our experience. We researched before we went and there were 5 planes arriving within 10 min of when we were arriving. We actually arrived 20 min earlier that expected YEAHHHHH.
    The airport was not busy at all. There were hardly any lineups at all. Immigration there was maybe 10 ppl in line and since MoBay has dedicated person for their line ups the ppl in normal line up almost got through faster than us. At customs it did save us maybe 5 minutes.
    The representative was very nice though.

    Returning though, worth it definitely. Probably saved 1 hr at least.
    There seemed to be some confusion on what is expected on return though....
    Departing ClubMobay does not have a representative walk you through like it does at arrivals and they do not bring you to your gate. It is just a fast track lane. You still bring yourself through each part of departing but you do not have to wait in line. On arrival is where they walk with you to each particular stage.
    Visited Club MoBay and it was wonderful. Drinks were good. When we arrived they were still serving breakfast but shortly they changed for lunch. For lunch they had finger sandwiches, muffins, soup.
    I did not eat there as I was craving a hamburger but just the relaxation part was nice. our plane was delayed 1 hr departing and it was nice to have a nice comfortable place to go and relax.

    Will Ido it again even though arrival did not pay off? I would definitely take the chance. Dont think would pay much more than they are selling for though, so hopefully they dont increase prices soon.

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    It was definitely worth the price for us. We arrived on a Saturday afternoon and it was 35 minutes from the time we stepped off the plane (we were near the back of the plane) to the time we stepped on the shuttle to CSS. I estimate we saved at least and hour to an hour and a half. Our guide (Shadoe Allen) was awesome. She wisked us past and through all the other people from our flight that did not get the service. We felt like VIP's.

    The departure was the same....long lines and we did not mind getting ourselves to the proper lines. You are provided with detailed instructions on what to do and where to go. As we were walking past the long lines we were stopped several times by security to ask if we were looking for the customs line...we just showed them our Club Mobay tickets and they waved us thru to the correct area. There was a bit of a backup to get thru security but it still was much shorter than the regular lines. Again, we saved at least an hour to an hour and a half. The lounge is comfortable and much better than the airport benches. The food isn't spectacular but it was good. It was great to sneak in a couple final rum creams on the rocks for the flight home and not be socked $5-6$ per drink.

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