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    is there a hot tub on the nude beach

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    Yes their is similar to ones you would see in someones back yard. Not the large ones of some resorts. I think it is either 6 or 8 person

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    The hot tub at Sunset Beach is on the pool deck. Above ground, fiberglass, with "molded-in seats." Very comfortable for up to four, but you would have to be really at-ease with your fellow tubbers to have more than four in it at once. Two years ago in December, it was very noisy with too much vibration. Last December, much better, purring along just fine with a good temp. It would be nice to have a larger, in ground spa like the one at the main pool, but SSB is pretty darn close to perfect, and I'm thankful for it just the way it is.

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    Here is photo of the hot tube. I took a lot pictures if have any other questions about the nude beach just let me know, all pictures were take early in the morning before anyone was on the beach. Frank
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    Can people go AN in the in ground spa at the main pool if there are too many to fit in the one at SSB? Certainly I mean if nobody else is in it and it's maybe dark outside.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    The hottub is aweswome after a cold rain. We were there last week and it felt so good.

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