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    Default CSA June Wedding..advice??

    Greetings all,
    We are looking forward to our sunset wedding at CSA. IF anyone has anyone advice for the wedding, or trip in general, please let us know! It is both exciting and nerve wracking to be planning a wedding from so far away!

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    First of all I would remind you that May through August is the rainy season in Jamaica. It does not rain all the time and usually for short periods but if it is going to rain it is usually in the mid to late afternoon. You may want to try planning your wedding a bit earlier in the day and have the photographer stay with you later until sunset for pictures to be safe. Other than that Couples does a great job helping plan the wedding for you and keeping you from stressing out. Book your evening wedding dinner at Feathers as soon as they allow you to. (I think 2 days prior to your wedding) This is the best restaurant on site. You did not say if others are joining you? We took the resort tour our first day with 2 other couples who were there to get married without guests along and we attended both their weddings. We took extra pictures and emailed them to each couple and have stayed in touch. Great way to make new friends.

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