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    My wife and I will be going to CN in July to celebrate our 14th anniversary and I have a few questions.
    1st: we arrive apx 2:30 on Saturday 20th and I want every experience to be as relaxing as possible so is Club Mobay arrival services suggested? Is there a minimum number of passengers required before the bus will depart from the airport?
    2nd: I want to have something special waiting for us at the resort but all the options seem wedding/honeymoon related. What options have others celebrating an anniversary chosen?
    3rd: Treehouse for our anniversary dinner? ...seems more private than beach.
    Thanks in advance for input!

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    1- Considering your flight arrival is in the middle of the day and on a weekend, I would suggest MoBay. There will be long lines. The Couples bus wait is normally no more than 30 minutes. You will also be riding with CSA guests.
    2- What about wine and chocolates waiting for you in your room? You can contact the Romance Concierge for help on planning something. Submit Ticket - Couples Resorts - Couples Resorts Helpdesk and Support
    3- I don't have any advice on which would be more romantic. They would both be delightful.
    Juell and Andy (Jandy)

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    we celebrated our 10th anniversary at CSS, so while i can't say sepcifically for CN i can tell you that Couples did an amazing job of making it a special trip. i contacted the romance concierge ahead of our trip so i could surprise my wife w/a private dinner on our anniversary (wanted the wedding gazebo instead of the beach so i did it early) and let them know it was our anniversary. right after we got our room we had a knock on the door and received champagne and a fruit plate. before our dinner, as we were getting ready, again we got a knock on the door and received more champagne and another fruit plate. i never asked for either, Couples just did it. also, when we were finishing our dinner, the waiter brought us another bottle of champagne (w/o me asking) for us to take back to our room and asked if i needed a second. looking forward to spending our 12th anniversary at CSA in just a few months.

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