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    Default Jagermeister @ CTI?

    Hi All!

    In 2011, we were @ CN and each night after supper I could enjoy a Jager on ice in the Piano Bar. Will I be able to enjoy this luxury @ CTI when we go there in April?



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    Bump! Anyone?

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    I can only respond for the CN resort. We too enjoyed some Jag after dinner, and as of this year (january 2012) they no longer carry it as they have gotten rid of some of the top shelf alcohol.

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    Now this is a SHAME. Perhaps CTI will have it. Here's hoping! It was always a great digestive after a great meal for us @ CN.

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    Give me 7 days and I will get back to ya!

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    Thanks Tbone!

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    OH PLEEEEse let there be the all mighty jag!!!! well be arriving in march...should i pack my own from home??

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    We were dissapointed too - however we had another couple that was joining us a couple days later, and we had them pick some up in Duty Free and bring it down with them.

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    Suggestion for randymon: Please bring back Jager @ the Piano Bar @ CTI and CN. Great after dinner drink.

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