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    Default Lobster night at CSS

    I understand that Wed night at CSS is lobster night. It's also the repeater's dinner night. Do they serve lobster at the repeaters dinner?

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    YES!! Of course.

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    Yes. The past December (2012) the repeaters dinner was held outside on the lawn. If this is still the case, your steak and lobster will be cooked on a grill. I think it was a newer thing as Mr Battaliga asked everyone if they preferred dinning this way. It was great BTW.

    Scott and June

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    thought repeater night was on thurs. lobster on wed?
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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    Quote Originally Posted by river View Post
    thought repeater night was on thurs. lobster on wed?
    From the Couples Website


    Tuesday Beach Party: 7:00pm on the main beach
    Thursday Managers Cocktail Party: 6:00pm at the main pool
    Wednesday Repeat Guest Dinner: 7:00pm at Heliconia Suites. An invitation will be delivered to your room.
    Wednesday Lobster Night: every restaurant serves lobster specialties when in season, July 1 - March 31
    Friday Starlight Gala: 7:30pm on the main lawn

    Couples Sans Souci Restaurants & Bars | Authentic Jamaican Cuisine

    Scott and June

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    I thought Repeater night was Thursday too, but it is in fact Wednesday.

    Ruth (am at CSS now so this info is definitely current)

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    We went in August and the repeater's dinner had been moved from Thursday to Wednesday night. In August, the repeater's dinner is held inside, so although we did still get lobster, it wasn't grilled like they do when it is outside. All we got was just a very small slice of a piece of a tail. It was very disappointing, enough that the lobster lovers in our group will probably skip the repeater's dinner this year if they are still on the same night.

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