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    Default Whaaaat? No Bananas?!

    I've read in a few posts that there are no bananas at the Couples resorts this season because of the hurricane (ie: no Dirty Banana drinks).

    Can any recent travellers confirm if this is still true?

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    We have been vacationing in Jamaica since the late 80's and have been there several times when bananas were hard to find for a while, usually iin the wake of a hurricane. When this happens we learned to NEVER order a Dirty Banana or Hummingbird unless there is real banana available. They sometimes use Banana Liquer which tastes terrible in drinks calling for real banana. Let's hope for a recovery to the banana crop real soon.

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    We got back from CSA on Feb. 6. I had at least a half dozen dirty bananas made with bananas, and they had bananas at the breakfast buffet at the Palms. They are so sweet, they are like candy.

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    We were there two weeks ago and I had my fair share of Dirty Banana's that included real bananas.
    CN Feb 2013

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    Good to hear. I have been talking these Dirty Bananas up to my girlfriend, and was worried they wouldn't have any!

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    We were there a couple years ago after a hurricane and they were rationing bananas. The poor thing were bruised all up but still tasted great. They actually used face banana flavoring in the dirty bananas for a while.

    Heading home in two weeks and am glad to hear that there are bananas.

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    We were there since the last hurricane, there were tons of Bananas.

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    A little O/T but when we were at CSS in 2011 my wife wasn't able to have mojitos (her favourite) after the first few days as they had "run out of mint".................although there always seemed to be some around to garnish the desserts!!!

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    We returned recently, and I commented to my husband that they didn't have bananas to eat in the resort (CSA), but they did have them to make 'Dirty Banana' drinks......several of which I enjoyed.

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