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    Default From UK - Virgin Premium vs Thomson Premium


    Any peeps out there from UK who can compare the above ?

    just returned from CN after another amazing holiday and wanting to book early for Feb 2014 and can't decide which airline to choose from. Basically about 500 total extra for virgin over thomson premium seats ... Can anyone give me their take on thomson ?

    I have travelled virgin PE but not sure if thomson will be as good ?

    Many thanks in advance.

    One love

    Worcestershire, UK

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    Hi there.........................we have travelled Thomson Premium and it was perfectly fine. Seats were comfortable, leg room okay (much better than economy obviously!) service was fine. We haven't tavelled with Virgin but I do recall when we were costing out our last trip Thomson was loads cheaper. I can't say it was a remarkable journey but we were comfortable, fed and watered, and arrived safely and not too dishevelled. I would definitely use them again.

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    Hello Helen - I'll ask my sister when we get home. They have always travelled Virgin Premium until this last Jan when they flew Thomson Premium from Manchester. Great to see you both at CN last week - we're having a great time here at CSA!


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