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Thread: September 2013

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    Default September 2013

    Anybody else? Add your names and get the party started!
    Francine & Jay 9/9-9/15

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    We will be there Aug 31-Sept 7!
    Our second time to Couples! We stayed at CSA 5 years ago.
    Erin and Doug

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    Hi guys!
    We'll be there Sep. 13th through Sep. 23rd.
    This will also be our second time to Couples- stayed at CTI in Sep. 2010. We're looking forward to meeting everyone!!
    Micaela & Daniel

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    Hello, everyone! This is my first post. My girlfriend and I will be at CN from 9/22-28. Looking forward to it! Hope to meet some great people.
    Steve and Lisa

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    Francine & Jay , we will be at CSA 9-9 to 9-15 so maybe we can still meet up. We are first timers also.....Ashleigh & Roy

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    Michael and Janet. We will be there Aug 31 - Sep 9. 1st wedding anniversary as we got married on the beach at CN last year. Wahoo!

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    I'm beginning to this we will have the place to ourselves!
    PS.Ashleigh & Roy, We are no longer "1stimers" Its just an old screen name. 5 trips to CTI, 1st trip to Negril.
    We will probably spend a good portion of our time at the AN beach (Don't knock it till you try it

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    What dates are you going to be there?

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    I'm beginning to think that will be the case too! It was pretty full when we were at CTI for the same time period a few years ago...Perhaps the honeymooners haven't booked yet?
    For those of you who have been to Negril in September before, was it pretty full? Or empty as it's looking to be this time around??

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    Julie & Ric. We will be arriving on 9/8-9/18. First time to CSA but have visited CTI and CN multiple times. Cant wait to be home again!!!

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    We will be there for our honeymoon the 23-29. It is out first time to Jamaica What do we "have to do"? looking forward to the trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Classycouple422 View Post
    What dates are you going to be there?
    9/8-9/14 There will be a small group of us 4-8 people. Feel free to join us

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    We were at CN last year from Sep 1-7. It was about 33% occupied. They were doing some renovations to some of the deluxe garden units so that could be the reason for the low occupancy.

    Funny thing, when I checked for reservations yesterday did not see any deluxe garden units available and some websites showed no rooms available for sep 1-10. I know they are starting to upgrade the baths so maybe this is the reason.

    Can someone from couples comment on this?

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    Is there anyone else traveling this September? looks like its just going to be us and Steve and Lisa the last week of the month.

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    Maybe we'll have the place to ourselves.... Can't wait!

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    We'll be there 8/30 - 9/8 for the 13th trip! We know at least at least 4 other couples who will be at CN as well. We love this time of year. It never seems crowded and the weather is hot! We do get trip insurance just in case, however.

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    All right Gary and Patti. Someone is going to be there the same time as us. Hope to see you.

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    All right! We come in 1 day later than you and stay for the same amount of time. We will have to meet up. Come on September!

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    We will be visiting CN for our Honeymoon!! First time to Couples and Jamaica! SOOO excited

    Rachel and Danny

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    Will be heading back home for the 6th time Sept 11-17. Introducing brother and his wife for the 1st time. Hope they enjoy CN as much as we do.

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    For sure, you guys were their last year at the same time, right?

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    Yes. Got married there and liked it so much we are returning but staying longer.

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    Coming for our honeymoon September 16th! First time to Couples and we are so excited! Anyone have suggestions as to what excursions to do??

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    Sept 7-14 for trip #3
    Couples Negril - September 2011, 2012, 2013
    Retired & moved to Cozumel, Mexico January 2014

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    9/7 thru 9/14th 8 time repeaters 6 of us. Hope to see you soon

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