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    Default Are We Home Yet?

    I'm in Kansas City and just about snowed into my house. I'm seriously thinking about booking our next trip this morning just so I have some warm weather to look forward to. It started snowing about 3 hours ago at my house and we currently have at least 6 inches, and we're getting thunder snow. I can barely see across the street because it's coming down so hard. Even the mall is closed.

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    I can dig it. I was stranded on the highway yesterday for about three hours after leaving work early, we are in St. Louis. Finally made it home and then spent 90 minutes shoveling out the driveway. Oy. Hope we are finally through with the bad winter weather for this year.

    Looking forward to CSA in 112 days!

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    Now they are calling for another 4-10 inches on Monday. Fortunately I got a neighbor to snow blow my driveway or it would have taken me a good 8 hours to get it all shoveled. We ended up with a foot. They still haven't plowed our street, but the sun seems to be taking care of things today. And now I get to do it all over again on Monday. I'm seriously thinking about selling everything and moving somewhere tropical.

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