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    Default strange photo request

    Here's an odd question. Does anyone have a photo of the bathroom at the AN beach at Couples Negril? My husband collects toilet pictures (strange, I know) and we were at CN last October and did not take a picture. If you do then let us know and we will give our e-mail address, or if you are going soon and would take a picture, let us know. Thanks in advance.

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    Interesting. Does he want one while it is in use or vacant?

    I'll make sure to put that on my list of pictures to take.

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    vacant, (it's not that strange)! Just the toilet with the louvre walls. the idea was to publish a book of toilets of the world, but apparently he's been beaten to to it. We just need a landscape view to complete the latest montage. Thanks.

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    I hope he isn't a plumber!

    Does he know the inventor of the toilet?

    Uhuh you guessed it. Mr Crapper.

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    This is from CSA.
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    I don't have a pic of the actual toilet, just the outside of the bldg. I do take pics of our room bathroom, but it never occurred to me to take one inside the beach bathrooms !!

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    Thanks so much for the replies. I can't think why I didn't take a picture, I thought the concept of the louvre windows was neat.

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