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    Default Help me pick a building!! CSS

    First of all, I am aware that I probably won't have a choice as to which building we get, but just in CASE I have a choice, I am wondering which to pick. I know we have a Oceanview 1 Bedroom Suite (sorry if I have the terminology slightly off - buildings D, F, & G, I believe).

    The most important thing I'd like is a good view. But, as there are 6 of us going together, it would be great to have a big balcony also. And, since I was just diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I might not be up to a huge number of steps many times a day (although I'm willing to try it if I have to). SO, knowing all that.... can you pick a building for me?

    Thanks so much - have a great day!


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    As far as the steps go, don't forget that there's a very convenient van that you can call to bring you back and forth. Building G is widely considered to have some of the best views, as it's the highest in the resort, but there are also really great views in the other blocks. The van, if necessary, can pick you just behind the Pallazina and zip you straight up to the lobby or even to just outside your particular stairway in F or G blocks. There are also ways of taking roundabout routes (the winding path and/or elevator) that greatly minimize the number of steps.

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    We've stayed in a One Bedroom Ocean Suite in block G the last two times there. The view is great and the balconies are large. Click here to check out some pictures of the resort that include pictures of and from our balcony (G-5): You can always request a particular building, via e-mail and/or phone before you go, and upon arrival. I'm sure they'll do everything possible to keep your group together...if that's what you want.

    As Mestralle pointed out you can get transportation from the upper part of the resort (F & G blocks) down to the lower level or use the elevator, located in front of G block, to get down to the mineral pool/spa area.

    Enjoy your visit to CSS and prepare to be pampered!!

    Bart & Bug

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    We enjoyed the elevator available up/down to the beach level from G block, to the spa on occasion. (Check out the map)

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