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    I look every day at the photo contest pictures, but its not many. Is there another thread were you all post pictures.? I just like to look at them!
    We are coming back to CSA in a few weeks for our 3rd trip. We are just as excited as the first time"


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    There's a ton on Trip Advisor, just search for the Couples of your choice

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    I once suggested that a section of the message board be set up similar to the Photo Contest for "NON photo contest pictures". I think it would be nice for each resort to have their own picture thread so that new/perspective customers could view them and know exactly which resort they were seeing. Plus, the rest of us could enjoy the shots too! Obviously, nothing has been set up...yet. Any chance, Randy?
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Hi Sandra!

    I am jealous you are on your 3rd trip My husband and I are headed on our first vacation out of the States in May to CN...we can't be any more excited!

    I found that the Trip Advisor website has lots of pics to look at....take a look!


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    There is a site called flickr that has a ton of photos from all the Couples resorts.

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    Also, I will say this, if you have internet connectivity to your TV, there is a lot of YouTube videos for each resort. We finally were able to get high speed internet where we live, and I hooked it up to the TV. It was cold and snowy but my wife and I sat there and watched YouTube videos of all the resorts, and boy did that make us homesick. We spent several hours being lazy and relaxed, and I had to have a rum drink which I usually never do at home. 244 days to Swept Away, 237 days till Negril.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zazu View Post
    There is a site called flickr that has a ton of photos from all the Couples resorts.
    This. I link everything from my Flickr. Most message boards and places like Photobucket destroy image quality if directly uploaded.

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