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    Default First-Timers Single Digit Dance !!!

    ONLY 9 SLEEPS & COUNTING until our very FIRST Couples experience at CSS ! Absolutely could not be more excited and HAVE to thank everyone's contributions to the msg board, especially on what and what not to pack ! Unbelievably helpful for us first-timers !

    Any last minute suggestions on MUST Do's and Don'ts while enjoying our short but sweet slice of paradise ??

    Only 10:30pm here but headed to bed so 8 sleeps comes faster !!!

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    No advice except to RELAX and ENJOY CSS!:-)

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    Lucky dogs!!

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    I am so jealous! This Oct. will be our first Couples and we chose CSS too. Have an AWESOME time, relax with your SO and make lots of memories! *hugs*

    CSS OCT. 2013

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    Ahhhhhh, time is passing SO slowly now that we're in our final stretch!!!

    We're down to only 6 sleeps now! This time next week we'll be loving life and eachother in complete paradise!!!

    Thanks so much for your kind advice all, we're SO unbelievably excited for our FIRST COUPLES VACATION!!! <3

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    Have a great time!!!!!!!!!!

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