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    Default CTI Garden View Rooms- A few questions

    We are traveling to CTI this summer and will be booking the Garden View room, but had a few questions:

    1. Is there a mini bar with fridge in these? Can we order bottles of liquor to the room? Are we limited on how many bottles?

    2. Is there a 'better' building and/or floor to select?

    3. Does the resort offer any kind of food or booze after 10pm? I keep hearing the place 'dies down' after this time- is this true?

    4. How far away is the closest grocery store/ town centre?

    Is there anything else we should know about/ be aware of before we go? We're going with a group for a wedding- we're all young (30's) and a few folks have never left Canada before! Any additional info is really appreciated!


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    The piano bar stays open until 2 AM? You will have a mini fridge/bar in your room and you get to choose what booze you wnt to be stocked with. The grill is open all night. I'm sure others will be able to tell you about the rooms. All of this information is somewhere under the CTI tab.

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    1: Yes, all rooms have mini fridges. You can see all amenities here: Couples Tower Isle | Caribbean Hotel & Resort Packages and Deals. They will replenish your alcohol at any time. However, only one bottle of each type at a time. Your options are: Diet Pepsi, Pepsi, Ting soda (grapefruit), Ginger Ale soda, beer; rum, vodka, gin, whiskey, Sprite/Seven Up Soda; Tonic Water Soda;Soda Water;Clamato Juice;Cranberry Juice;Orange Juice;Pineapple Juice;Sparkling wine;Red wine;White wine

    2: Not really. The Deluxe Garden rooms are located in Building 3 and 5 - I prefer Building 3. I'd be happy to send you the map and room list -

    3: Dies down after 10p? Not true! You can get food all day long. The Pool Grill is open from 10:30pm until 5:00am; the Piano Bar doesn't close until the last person leaves (we've been known to close it down at 4am!). Plus they have evening entertainment late into the night.

    4: The town of Ocho Rios is about 10-15 minutes away, but we think it's very touristy so we avoid it. The closest store is right down the street, although I'm not sure if they would have anything the resort gift shop and logo shop wouldn't have. For souvenirs, we prefer the craft market across the street, the potter up the road and the local vendors that come on property throughout the week, particularly on Monday night during the beach party.

    We are coming up on our 11th trip to Couples - 7th to CTI, so I'm happy to share our tips about Jamaica and Couples, including our packing list if that would help. My email is

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    Yes, you can get food after 10. Actually, we heard music every night from our room at The Patio until well after midnight. One night we went down to the beach grill at about midnight and got some jerk chicken and beef patties. It was delicious!

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    Wow... I heard this was a great forum, but had no idea how quickly and thoroughly my questions would be answered!! Thank you everyone- I'm THAT MUCH MORE excited about the trip now

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    my wife and i were there in mid january. we stayed in 1st floor garden suite. yes u get bottles booze in ur room. we love the first floor rooms. the patios r nice and big on the first floor also u can walk off the patio into the gardens. and no matter what EVERYONE has to walk down at least 1 flight of stairs to get down to the beach. as far as food goes, its never ending. i eat 5 times a day when we r at couples. we get cont breakfest to r room at 7 so i dont starve while my wife can gets ready for the day(which may take awhile). then to the breakfest buffet, then lunch, then dinner, oh yeah and cant forget when i get the munchies, my late night snack at around 1 am. which is a red snapper sandwich most of the time. any food u get u can take back to ur room. so in other words food anytime is NO PROBLEM MON. i did notice when we went on late night strolls that most of the time we were the only ones around except the piano bar. which was fine with us it makes it a lil more romantic. i hope u enjoy ur stay

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    Has anyone taken advantage of the MoBay arrivals? We are arriving on a Saturday early evening in July and I wonder if it's worth the $50... I'm getting mixed reviews- but I can tell you I HATE line ups and might seriously consider this if we're looking at 1-2hr wait for the customs line.


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