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    Default Daytona 500 at Couples Negril?

    Will we be able to see the Daytona 500 at Couples Negril? Its broadcast on Fox TV.


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    I can't speak to Fox specifcally, but we've never had a problem with sporting events there. We like to watch football in the game room. There's a big TV, pool table, popcorn, etc. Plus, it's a one minute walk from the bar at the Beach Grill!

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    I have been to Negril the last 3 years over the Daytona 500 race, and can say say you can see it. It was on in the game room, and of course I could watch it in our room. No bar's have a TV. Being a big NASCAR fan I thought I could not miss this race, well.................the sun, the rum, the beach, the rum, the sand gravity, the rum, well you get the idea. I usually only watched a few minutes of it, and I had to get back to the sun, the rum, the beach, the rum, the sand gravity. Just too pretty to be indoors. It's good Mon.

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    We were at CSS last year for the 500, and were able to watch it. Of course that one was delayed until that night, but I would imagine that you would get it with no problem in Negril. Enjoy!! Wishing we could make it back this year...

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