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    we are going to ssa in august and thrilled. We wanted to book for december after christmas, but the cost seemed like it was double ..... do you know if the costs go down after the summer? We use a Canadian site to book, but right now they show CSS at 2x the cost of an S resort in MB....


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    Hi! The week between Christmas and New Years is considered "ultra" high season so that's why the prices are so high. The price will drop a bit after January 1st and then will rise again around Valentine's Day another popular time. The price also goes down a bit in the summer and fall because you would be traveling during the hurricane season in the Caribbean. In early December until Dec.25 the prices are also a bit lower.

    Hope this helps.

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    Prices go up starting about the week of Christmas all the way through April or May. We usually go in early/mid-December to enjoy the lower rate and miss Hurricane season.

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    Did you try looking for packages out of a USA city... We live close by you in London and we flew out of Detroit to CTI and it was WAY cheaper!!!! We just got back and are thinking of going again December 16-25 and the prices I found were insanely cheap. It seems the most expensive time to go to couples is the week between Christmas and New Years.

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    hmmm, we first started at the 'S' resorts in MoBay, they were much more expensive than Couples.

    Christmas week is the most expensive week at most resorts in the Caribbean

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    The week between Christmas and New Year's is the most expensive rates for all of the resorts. I know Jan through about April are higher as well as that's the peak season. Cheapest is during the summer, July through September or October. If you can swing the price at all I would recommend CTI for New Year's Eve. We were there this year and it was amazing!

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    Hi all thanks for the replies - thanks also for the suggestion to fly out of the states directly and then just drive back across the border. We've only been checking out the Cdn sites - but with the dollar at par I think it we should be heading south before heading south !!!

    The only part that had me was the part that said August was hurricane season !!!!! I thought that would be the busy time I hope that we have such a great time in August ( even with the hurricanes ! ) that we will be happily going back for the new year !!

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    Don't sweat the hurricanes until about the week before you go. Nothing you can do about so don't fret until then. Odds are it will be no problem.

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