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    We have some questions about CSS;

    1. How is the wifi reception in the Beachfront Suites?

    2. Are any of the pools suitable for swimming laps?

    3. Has anyone gone to the Aquacize Class in the Mineral Pool? What is it like?

    Thanks for your help!

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    We had decent WIFI reception in the Beachfront suites and also by the main pool. It is certainly not high-powered, but it keeps you connected. We have experienced more on/spotty off reception in the cliff side (blocks E/F/G). If all else fails, you can use the computers by the lobby to log on and check updates, but you can't upload or download from those machines.
    I wouldn't say any of the pools are really designed for lap swimming. The main pool has a curve, but you can swim laps, but it wouldn't be unusual to have people floating and hanging out by the pool bar, or SCUBA classes in there. The pool up by the lobby is always the quietest, but I have never seen anyone doing laps up there either. You may have to try it and see which pool/time of day works out best.
    Up at the mineral pool, it is shallower and square, so a bit better, but it's not huge, so you'd be going back and forth quite a bit. I attended an aqua-pilates class at the mineral pool last year with a guest instructor that was great! We had the floaty-dumbells to give it more resistance. I haven't gone to classic aquacize, but I recall walking by when people were in the pool and it seemed like a decent workout.
    I think the classes change based on the instructors, but I would certainly try it out again and encourage others to do the same.
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    WIFI reception worked great in the b block second floor we were in. I had no problems

    the beach pool in front of the A and B blocks would probably work since it is longer than the others
    ( i pretty much use it to have a float and a drink, lol)

    No, I have never done the aqua size but the afternoon yoga class rocked!
    The mineral pool is great. and they have a juice bar there with a limited food menu. Do try it, it is excellent! also try the cucumber ginger juice. I actually drank more of that than anything else while i was there.

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