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    Default CTI Premiere Ocean Room Locations

    Hey everyone

    Hoping someone can confirm the building location/floor location of the Premiere Ocean Rooms at CTI. We are staying in April and although we realize that specific rooms are not guaranteed and requests can not be made prior to arrival, I was hoping to get some suggestions for Premiere ocean Rooms should they be available when we check in. If anyone can share some room numbers I would be most appreciative. Thanks everyone!


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    The building location is by the main pool with a fantastic view of the ocean. We will also be staying in this building in April. No suggestions on actual rooms though. If the grill smells will bother you then you may want to request one away from there.
    Juell and Andy (Jandy)

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    Premier are located in Building #2 (the newest building behind the main pool) (floors 1-2) and in Building #3 (floors 1-3), which is the main lobby building. Happy to share a room list and map (
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    Ask for the main building. Premiers are front and center. You may be put in the building overlooking the old pool if you don't ask for the main building.

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    We will also be there in April, and our understanding was that Premier rooms are in building...or block 2 and 3.

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    Best thing about the Premier Ocean rooms is that they are ell away from the rooster that was living on the other side of the wall circa 2009-2010! We had one last trip and just booked that category again though an "upgrade" was short money. They are great rooms and great location.

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    Premier Ocean rooms are in Bldgs 2 & 3. I asked basically the same question while planning our trip to CTI this past September -- see past thread:

    Based on suggestions I had found, we requested room 3310, but it was not available and we ended up in 3304. For us, this was a GREAT was central (right above the lobby) and convenient to everything and the view was FANTASTIC! Initially we wondered if it was going to be noisy because we were adjacent to the stairs and right around the corner from the elevators, but we were never disturbed by anything or anyone. The only "bad" thing about the room was that because of the layout with the bathroom at the back of the room, the balcony is smaller than others in that building. Here are some pictures:
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    The two windows to the right of our balcony were in the hallway going to the bathroom and in the bathroom itself. As you can see there are two rooms on the 2nd floor that have HUGE balconies. We spent a lot of time on our balcony, so if we return and are able to afford a Premier Ocean again, I would confirm their room #s and request one of them!

    Hope this helps!

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    We just got back this week from CTI, had a great trip!!! Our room was 3108 premier ocean suite. You can tell which rooms are premier ocean vs deluxe ocean when you look at the size of the patios. Ours was huge!!!

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    Thanks everyone for all your help! As usual, the couples message board answers all my questions We have 43 days to go. Today is Family Day holiday in Ontario and can't think of what better way to spend it then cranking the Marley, looking at old pictures, and trying on some clothes to see what's coming "home" with me!

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