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    Default Going From One Couples Location To Another

    Hi - does anyone know if you can go from one couples resort to another during your stay or do you need to be a repeat visitor? We are going to CSS, but would to like to try CTI ( or one of the other locations if possible ). Just for the day and then go back at night.

    Thanks !

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    You can do a Trading Places day to the other resort in the same city if you are Romance Reward member. You can sign up for Romance Rewards before you leave for your trip, and if its your first visit I think the only perk you receive is participation in Trading Places.

    Have a great trip!

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    If I'm not mistaken when you register for Romance Rewards you get to swap for a day....obviously swap with the closest resort....CN would swap with CSA and CSS/CTI.

    I really like that bc we are going to CN and we were really torn between that and CSA....but when we go to CSA for a day we can really get a feel for it and if we like it that will be our next trip

    Hope this helps!

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    Here's the link with info to Trading Places:

    Romance Rewards Levels & Login for Couples Resorts

    One visit to sister resort per stay, from 10am until 4pm. You have access to all restaurants and bars, and all inclusions that do not require you to sign-up in advance (i.e. snorkeling, etc). You have to sign up a day in advance and it's subject to availability. We did it last year while at CSA and will definitely do it again. Great way to see a new resort if you've never been, or if you have, just funt o hang at a different beach one day.
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    Thank you to both for your reply ! We are going to try then to visit the other site for the day !

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