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    We are planning our third trip to CSS. We wer there in 2009 (got married at the resort) and in 2011. In those two years we did see that the rooms were showing some wear to them. The new rates are out and I see that they have gone up about $40 a night on average. I understand prices need to go up. I read the boards and have seen people ask if there are any plans for renovations to be done to CSS and Randymon always says no. While we have fallen in love with CSS as a whole, we are leary to book our third trip there if no improvements have been made while prices have risen. Also, there has been a lot of money spent on other Couples resorts but not CSS. Can anyone enlighten us on the current status of rooms in A block so that we are able to continue with our planning? Does anyone know if they plan to renovate in the near future?
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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    We were at the repeater's dinner 2 weeks ago and the GM announced that they were going to be doing renovations in the future (not sure exactly when or where) but they have the go ahead.

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    Hi, river
    We were in A block Jan of 2012. There were a few signs of wear, but I found them to be very minor. The view from the third floor was fantastic, besides how much time do you spend in the room? Yes some places could use a fresh coat of paint, maybe fix a few loose tiles, but I still found the rooms to be very nice. That said, we are coming home April 27 for another 9 nights. We wouldn't think of going anywhere else. As far as the rising prices, look at your airline ticket price, it has gone up, the plane is older and the service diminished, but yet we still fly. On the other hand at CSS, the service is top notch, the food excellent,(Edgar makes the best omlets) the grounds outstanding,(thanks to the hardworking grounds crew) and the Red Stripe is always cold! Continue with your planning, you will enjoy CSS again. Remember, if you plan on enjoying your self you will. It's all Irie mon! 69 days till I can enjoy a cold Red Stripe at a truly wonderful place.

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    We were at the same dinner as Iriesue. We heard the same announcement about renovations and saw one manager type walking around with contractors and taking pictures of things that needed to be fixed. Looked to me like they were planning on doing a bunch of maintenance, but then the GM said they were doing renovations too. Hopefully both.

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    thank you iriesue for that info. I know we dont spend alot of time in the room but as a whole the resort could use a little upkeep. We love CSS and dont want to go any where else but we just want couples to put money into CSS like they have been doing to all the other resorts.
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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    Feb 2014 CSS heard on trip adviser that they are renovating rooms in A and B blocks is this true if so what are they renovating?

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    They just did a complete renovation at SSB.

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    We were a first floor and loved it
    Big bathroom good location

    Walk out back patio door keep,it unlocked and put any valuables in safe and right to pool beach bar etc

    Real,convenient. Very relaxing place

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    Was at CSS two weeks ago. They are going to remodel all the rooms in A and B block during low season. One room as been done as a preview, was occupied while we were there. There are pictures on message board somewhere? Possibly on CSS portion. They also have new martini bar and redid pool and hot tub at SSB.

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    There was a thread, just earlier this month I saw it, I can't find it now, that had pictures of the renovations they're making to CSS A and B. Not sure how many they've done or what their schedule is, but I saw pictures... They gutted the room, removed the dividers, and renovated the bath, getting rid of the tub. They had mostly new furniture too... Can anybody else find that thread?

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    Bumped that thread to page one

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    The link with the pictures is listed below:

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    "A" and "B" blocks are being compltely renovated. However, don't expect them to be done until after the low season.

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