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    Default Been to CTI, which (Negril) resort next?

    We got married at CTI in November 2010. We LOVED it. We are going to go back to a Couples resort for our 2 year anniversary, but just not to CTI, as the beach was just way too small for us.

    I have spent hours and hours researching CN and CSA, but I just cannot choose. So I have some random questions that may help us choose.

    - I know both beaches are great (and public), DH does not want people coming up to our chairs and offering us drugs, souvenirs, excursions etc..., we understand there will be some noise from guests, music, and watersports..just wondering if one beach fits our criteria more than the other.

    -How far of a walk on the beach from one end of the resort to the other(Both CN & CSA)

    -Rooms, a good room & bathroom is VERY important to DH, if we choose CN we could only afford to stay in the deluxe ocean...are they really that dated??? Alternately if it is CSA it would either be a Gardenview Verandah, or Great House verandah...if prices drop maybe Ocean Verandah. Are the GV & GHV that noisy???? My personal worry is getting the GHV and being stuck with the room that has that awful view I keep reading about.

    - When I look at the map for CN, where exactly is the A/N section? far right or far left?

    - Food, how many buffet dinner nights does each resort have? Is there any restaurant that may be a-la-carte but might have a salad/bread/pasta bar???

    -Does Cabana Grill really not close except for 5am-11am????????

    -Does anyone that has been to CTI know if the man that came in on saturday's that sells wood souvenirs, if he goes to the Negril resorts?

    I read a trip report where someone stated that Romance Rewards disappear after 1 year and not 4 years? I am confused. because when I logged in it is still showing mine from 2010...


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    Hi There. I have only been to CN. Going to CTI in April. Based my CN experience and heavy research into CSA here ya go:

    1. CN has LESS vendors than CSA and has more a private beach. CSA is much longer to walk and has more of a cultural experience as you can see so much more on a walk. If DH likes more privacy and less of a walk, then CN is your choice.

    2. CN is about a 30 min or so walk end to end. CSA would be twice that or more at least.

    3. Rooms are dated but clean at both resorts. If you want a better ocean view, CSA is your best choice by far. CN's Deluxe OV still doesn't have clear view of the ocean.

    4. AN is to the far left of the resort.

    5. @ CN there is only one buffet night and that is the beach party. We booked Otheite that night so we never once had a buffet outside of lunch or breakfast and preferred it that way. CSA has a wonderful place called Seagrapes if you want a veggie option through the day, CN had a veggie/smoothie bar near the beach but never went. Not sure of pasta/bread bars @ CSA.

    6. As far as I know, this is true.

    7. CN has it's daily group of allowed vendors set up that provide many had made items. As for the guy at CTI, I would doubt it given the distance between resorts.

    8. Romance rewards to not expire in a year. It's 4 years I think. Search the forums, I believe that question has been addressed already.

    CN was paradise for us even with a Gardenview Room. We never hang in our room and all rooms are so close to everything we were content. CN is more pool centric whereas CSA is more beach centric. The food at any Couples is phenomenal so you can't go wrong w./either there. Whatever you choose, enjoy Negril! I know we did.


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    Heaterfan, my post didn't show up somehow but csa is our favorite. #5 booked for April. Vendors can only walk the waterline. I just don't sit down there.
    As far as the garden verandas, we've stayed twice and booked one gor April. With all the sun , fun and booze, we've never been bothered by road noise. The picture above is the view we had of the beach from our bfvs. The gvs are only a three minute walk to the beach. If you'd like some more pics, email me at

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    I'll try and post the view from our gvsName:  IMG_20110307_125651.jpg
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    1: All of the beaches are public at the water line. Vendors are only allowed to come up into the chairs if invited. And yes, some guests will invite them to look at their wares or to play music. But if you don't want to be bothered, they won't. However, because the beach is public, there is much more activity with locals and other hotel guests taking walks. Happy to share our pics so you can see for yourself the beach -

    2: CSA beach is 4 miles long and CN is in Bloody Bay which is 3 miles long. Much larger than what you're used to at CTI. For what it's worth, CTI used to be our favorite - I love the privacy and small size of the beach. However, CSA totally won me over. The beach and water are gorgeous, mainly because they aren't in a small bay like the others, and security is just as good as at CTI. CN and CSA are not attached by beach however.

    3: Since you're used to CTI, and they recently underwent a $30 million upgrade, the rooms at CN may seem outdated to you. However, not near as bad as what you may be thinking. We love the rooms at both CN and CSA. I'm happy to share a room map and pictures of different ones. At CSA, we have stayed in the Beachfront Suite (noisiest), Ocean Verandah, BF Verandah and Garden Verandah.

    4: When you look at the aerial view of CN, the AN area is on the right side of the beach. Look for a square hedgeline - that's the AN area.

    5: CN has 4 restaurants: Beach Grill/Heliconia; Otaheite; Cassava Terrace (buffet) and Lychee. CSA has 6 restaurants: Beach Grill; Lemongrass; Sea Grape Cafe; Palms; Patois and Feathers. Both CN and CSA (just like CTI) have a buffet every night. At CSA, Palms has a soup, salad, appetizer buffet, but entree is ordered from a menu. Check out the menus of each on the website for more specific info: CN Couples Negril Restaurants & Bars | Jamaican Restaurants & Cuisine : CSA Couples Swept Away Resort Restaurants & Bars | Five-Star Tropical Cuisine

    6: Yes, the Cabana Grill at CTI is open from 11am until 5am. Unlike at CTI, which grill closes from 6pm - 10pm. And the CN grill closes for dinner to become Heliconia, but re-opens late at night.

    7: No, he does not. Negril is 4 hours away. However, there are SEVERAL local Negril vendors that sell their woodcarvings (among other lcoal crafts)

    8: Romance Rewards Nights expire after 4 years. So, since this is 2013, any points from 2009 or before will be deducted from your total nights. Next year, 2014, nights from 2010 will expire and be deducted from your account. The one year is how much time you have to make sure you get credited for your current stay. If, for some reason, you did not sign-in or make sure they credit your account, you have 12 months to get credit.

    And if you still can't decide between CN and CSA - just book a split stay! 4 nights at one, 3 at the other - or more :-) The resorts are only 5 minutes apart so you wouldn't lose any time for travel.

    We have been to all of them (headed back for #7 to CTI and #3 to CSA this April/May) so I'm happy to share our room and beach pictures if that helps.

    Yeah, mon!
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
    CTI - 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013
    CN - 2003/2004 CSS - 2008
    CSA - 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

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    Thanks for the replies, photos and videos.

    Based on the beach & food options for a picky eater (me), it is going to be CSA.

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    I would say CSA is the best bet. We found the Jet ski guy's to be a real pin at CN when we were swimming in the ocean.

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    Great choice! You are going to love it. It has so much to offer and is so classic Caribbean. CSA rocks!

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