We got married at CTI in November 2010. We LOVED it. We are going to go back to a Couples resort for our 2 year anniversary, but just not to CTI, as the beach was just way too small for us.

I have spent hours and hours researching CN and CSA, but I just cannot choose. So I have some random questions that may help us choose.

- I know both beaches are great (and public), DH does not want people coming up to our chairs and offering us drugs, souvenirs, excursions etc..., we understand there will be some noise from guests, music, and watersports..just wondering if one beach fits our criteria more than the other.

-How far of a walk on the beach from one end of the resort to the other(Both CN & CSA)

-Rooms, a good room & bathroom is VERY important to DH, if we choose CN we could only afford to stay in the deluxe ocean...are they really that dated??? Alternately if it is CSA it would either be a Gardenview Verandah, or Great House verandah...if prices drop maybe Ocean Verandah. Are the GV & GHV that noisy???? My personal worry is getting the GHV and being stuck with the room that has that awful view I keep reading about.

- When I look at the map for CN, where exactly is the A/N section? far right or far left?

- Food, how many buffet dinner nights does each resort have? Is there any restaurant that may be a-la-carte but might have a salad/bread/pasta bar???

-Does Cabana Grill really not close except for 5am-11am????????

-Does anyone that has been to CTI know if the man that came in on saturday's that sells wood souvenirs, if he goes to the Negril resorts?

I read a trip report where someone stated that Romance Rewards disappear after 1 year and not 4 years? I am confused. because when I logged in it is still showing mine from 2010...