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    Default First Time to Couples Negril any Advice

    Me and my fiance will be honeymooning at Couples Negril. It will be our first time at any Couples resort as well as our first time in Jamaica. Any advice as to what to do and what not to do? We are very excited and get more excited every time we look up information about Couples.

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    My wife and I are going June 19-26 for our anniversary. We are first timers as well, we are also looking for advice on things to do or try.

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    Well, depends on your preferences, but we enjoy the all inclusive
    a. watersports, especially the hobie cats
    b. we useually workout or run
    c. we have breakfast, I think it's danish and fruit delivered first thing with juise and coffee
    d. hit the AN for sun
    e. will probably do some volleyball this year
    f. have more than a few drinks
    g enjoy the pool bar in the afternoon
    e. absolutely do the Cat cruise
    f. I think I forgot lunch, and we did a couple times
    g. Dinner is spectacular
    h. make sure to get a massage, it is extra $
    i. the walks up and down the beach are incredible
    j. we had a photo session last time and it was real nice
    k. the piano bar in the evening
    l. then we repeat about everything day after day after day!! and there is a lot more to do, but we hardlty leave the beach/water

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    Umm there is so much to do its hard to know where to start. Id reccomend drop your stuff at the room change to a suit head to the pool bar and get a bob marley, from there just enjoy. You will love every min or your trip. The Number one rule is show respect , slow down nothing is a rush in Jamaica. Do the resort tour. I repeat do the tour.

    Spend some time on the forum searching other threads titled the same as yours or similar and you will find lots of answers to your questions.

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    A few to consider...
    1. Get to know the people...they are amazing.
    2. Do NOT do the shopping trip...better shopping on the beach.
    3. Sing up for the Catamaran cruise early (it's very popular).
    4. Enjoy every sunset...they are amazing too.
    5. Bonfire on the beach with Moses Beckford.
    6. Test drive every restaurant.
    7. The rest is up to you...this is paradise so enjoy every last minute.

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    Start with a Bob Marley, watch the ice carving, check out the glass bottom boat, have another Bob Marley, watch the entertainment, have fun.

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    Make sure to have someone take your picture when you do your first Bob Marley. The face needs to be captured. I have only seen one person do that shot without making a face and we dubbed him "faceless Bob Marley and his wife was Mrs. faceless Bob Marley."

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