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    What is wrong with people that cannot get the concept of a "couples" resort? There are HUNDREDS of family resorts in Jamaica (one right next door to Couples Negril) why would you want to bring your family to a resort designed for and RESTRICTED to couples.
    I never can understand why people think the rules don't apply to them. If I ever see a family at Couples Resorts that is not challenged by the staff, it will be the last time I go to a Couples Resort.

    P.S...we traveled with our kids extensively starting when the youngest was 6 months old BUT we went to appropriate hotels.

    Jim, I can understand your problem with KIDS and I would also have the same problem with kids. I would consider 18 and above to be young adults and to act like such. Lord knows I've seen 30, 40 and 50 year olds act worse. I also left out that a "family" from England was also there at the time of our vacation and they were celebrating their (daughters) Birthday?? I could have cared less, as I was only concerned with my trip, my wife and making our trip the time of our lives. CN along with my wife and I made our trip OUTSTANDING!! How boring it would've been to go to Couples with my wife and try to scope out other Couples that were also there as a family? I'm sure on average more wedding parties would be a distraction as opposed to a family bringing 2 college kids along or sisters as the original poster implied. I respect your opinion and I have my own.....By the way, I love Couples resorts as they're unmatched in value, inclusions and staff.

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    We were married at CSS 7 years ago and brought our adult kids, my daughter and two sons and my soon to be step daughter, to be in the wedding party. While they had a fairly good time it was a little awkward as my two sons kind of felt like the "nice young gay couple" the way people would sometimes look at them. Not being too insecure they laughed it off but not everyone would. Still, with everyone else there being a couple they did not really socialize with anyone but themselves. I would suggest looking into family resorts for your trip. Probably 90-95% of all the resorts are family oriented so it should be no problem finding one. At another time when they can travel with their significant other you can all enjoy Couples. You may see no problem in having the sisters along but they might once there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob_and_Sandi View Post
    Why is this different than Singles being allowed if they are with a wedding party? Is there a limited time that "non-couples" are allowed at the resort if with a wedding?
    Maybe the below will answer your question. It use to be 3 days for singles attending a wedding, don't know if that is still in place.


    As a 'couples only' resort, we must limit the number of singles attending a wedding. Once a group contract, comprised of at least 10 paying rooms, one single room can be made available. For groups of 20 rooms or more, a maximum of 5% of the group may be single persons. In all cases, all rooms must be paid at the standard double occupancy rate. The alternative to this policy is for single friends and family members to stay at a nearby resort. A maximum of 5 off-property couples may attend, please advise your wedding coordinator in advance; if more than 5 couples are to be present, a request must be approved by the General Manager. Children may attend a wedding as guests for the ceremony and photographs only, with GM approval. After the wedding ceremony and photographs the children must leave the resort.

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