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    Default New Stuff Feb 2013

    Thread to start new stuff Feb 2013

    ET staff changes to come later.
    Faucets and beach showers have 'cement' type enclosures around them
    No water cooler at BG bar - flavored wata (and sangria) dispensers instead
    Tiles in Internet Cafe and chairs are different?? (possibly)
    Tiki torches all along Heliconia and block 6 side boardwalk (someone posted that earlier - but they are nice)
    Trainees wear white polos now
    The wireless transmitter on the beach is obvious (not up in a tree - free standing tower)
    morass blazes

    C&L where are you? Ditto G&P.
    A&F some hellos/hugs given - many to go (lucky us, have plenty more days to do so).

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    quite a few procedural changes - mostly minor stuff but we're trying to take note (midday naps and BG bar drinks not helping that effort).

    Not a change, but weather turned rough Sunday AM - nothing we can't deal with but would actually call it cold almost (when the high wind blows). Very rough surf. Sure that it will calm down in a day or so, but just to reinforce expectation setting - it is usually hot and that flat, crystal clear blue water we all dream about is usually what one sees in Bloody Bay, but it is not always that way.

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    Yay Rudi !! We are so Glad you are at CN !! (Wish we were too) !! Have a Wonderful Time - Thank You for giving out tons of hugs and hellos - Very Much Appreciated! And Thanks for all the updates - look forward to reading your posts this week. ENJOY!!!
    P.S. You mentioned ET changes.... We assume that Nellie, Carlos and Menard are still there .... Oops - that means more hugs for you to distribute !!
    Art xo Francine

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    Yes A&F many hellos given. Weather has gotten much better. Calm flat water this AM.

    In addition to N, C, M, there are Okeno, Kemar, and Shawna on the E.T. Everyone has been great. Time to hit the beach. Many details to come later.

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    Nigel is back at cn as rest mgr. Everod Wright is also back.

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    Yay !! We are very happy to hear that Everod and Nigel are back !!! Looking forward to seeing them both !!!! BTW Rudi, did Nellie happen to give you a big hug today ??
    Art xo Francine

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    List of changes at CN from our visit Feb 2013.
    New-to-us (*NTU) meaning we heard of the change but hadn’t experienced first-hand

    Arrival letter has a list of changes made (or being made) at CN, including:
    ---Created a model bathroom (learned later it is also a prototype – observing how it wears)
    ---Extended watersports hours 8:30AM – 4:30PM
    ---Suites can have in Room Dining EVERY night of their stay
    ---Replacing ALL Air Conditioners in rooms
    ---Dive Pool and surrounding deck overhauled
    ---New Furniture for Dive Pool area
    ---Spa given facelift
    ---Cassava & Heliconia Re-roofed

    Wireless login requires User Login and pwd (*NTU)
    Romance Reward Passionate Level has added Couples Water Bottle as a gift selection
    New Blue Rocking Benches outside of Otaheite

    Heliconia is outside dining only – unless it rains (or extremely high winds)
    BG menu changes every few days + has a “Daily Special”
    Jerk Chicken Sauce is served on the side in a nice little cup
    Non-smoking at BG bar (ALL day & night) (*NTU)
    -----(Main and Piano are same – only Pool bar allows smoking)
    No more “buzzers” at BG – laminated cards with a # is given instead
    Tiki torches along outside deck (both Block 1 and Block 6 side (*NTU)
    Flavored water (instead of the water dispenser) we saw 3 flavors (real fruit):
    - Watermelon & Mint
    - Pineapple & Ginger
    - Cucumber
    - (Sangria also – not a flavored water)

    Sign stating Groups no larger than 8 will be seated together
    No more Mix&Match item (back to fixed meat choice with fixed sauce – other than Pad Thai)

    CASSAVA – Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
    Mural around top of Main Bar is new
    No sugar packets at breakfast (sometimes) – bowls of sugar instead

    Yellow comforter replaced with thinner white bedspread (*NTU)
    New “Hotel Orientation” binders in the rooms
    New pens in the room (geeky, sure – but true – have cardboard tubes around the body)
    Call for service to have mini-bar replenished 9AM-7PM (*NTU)
    Red Stripe Cans in mini bar (*NTU)

    Champagne Sunset on the BEACH on Fri
    Happy Hour with Appetizers in Piano Bar EVERY night
    Activity Sheet in arrival envelope no longer lists Entertainment Activities
    ---(It does list aerobics, watersports, dining)
    Overall appeared to have fewer activities – no game type activities in Piano Bar at night

    Tour Desk & Guest Relation desks swapped positions
    Private Dinner – no more (no wine, but lower $) option.
    P.D. You can choose your courses individually (i.e. no longer have set menus)
    Arrival Envelope has Room Block # series on it now (i.e. 1101-1309, 2101- 2310, etc.)

    Faucets & Showers covered in a cement-type painted/decorated substance
    Buoys between Nude & Clothed swimming areas (*NTU)
    New Blue & White Buoys
    Trainees wear White polo’s and white shorts (and some permanent when working the beach)
    Wireless tower on the beach (a man-made structure – no longer up in a tree)
    Pool bar has new chairs (red, hard plastic)
    New & Bigger Glass Bottom/Snorkel boat
    Towel Exchange at Towel Hut AND WaterSports (+ it is not really an exchange (*NTU))
    Towel Hut bin had a wooden enclosure built around it while we were there

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    Hi Rudi!
    Too bad about the cold and rough conditions. I'm glad it improved while you were there. I assume you're back to the US by now. We still have the Labor Day CN trip planned and debating a May CSS visit.

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    Hi G&P,
    Unfortunately you assume correctly, we're back.

    The weather did improve each day (the cold/high winds in particular was most mostly just one afternoon/evening).

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    Thanks for all the info Rudi !! You are The Best !!!
    Art xo Francine

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    Wow there have been a couple of changes since our visit in November....The flavored water/sangria option sounds great.

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