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    Default Help! Is my travel agent a scam?!

    Has anyone ever used Expert Family Travel or Reconnect Travel based out of Texas??

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    I did a quick online search, and found nothing negative about those travel agencies. However, I also didn't find anything positive. No reviews, no nothing. Just websites.

    Usually you can find out if its a scam by doing a quick search. The Internet makes that easy.

    In this case, it's strange that no reviews or comments pop up about those places when you search those agency names. With that being said, I didn't search hard...

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    If you're really worried about whether or not you can trust your travel agent, then just book directly through Couples. In our nearly 20 trips to Couples, we've never used a travel agent. We book our room with Couples and book our flight directly with the airline.
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    If you don't feel comfortable you should go somewhere else. Better safe then sorry.

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