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    Hi can anyone post a picture or let me know what the gym is like at CTI. We stayed at CSA 2 years ago and I doubt it can be as good as that one but would like to pre a routine based on the machines / free weights etc

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    It's not even close to the one at CSA because it is much, much smaller. 4 treadmills, 4 stationary bikes, 2 ellipticals, free weight rack, handful of machines.

    Happy to share pics - or BETTER YET, check out the 360 degree view of the CTI fitness center from the Couples website. Here's the link: Couples Tower Isle
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    The workout facilities at CTI are my favorite because they are the newest and because both the cardio and weight room and the studio (where spinning, yoga, and other group classes are held) are indoors and have air-conditioning. At CN and CSA, only the cardio and weight room is air-conditioned, while the studio is open-air. CSA is the opposite: the cardio and weight room is open air, and the studio is in an air-conditioned space.

    It is simply too hot in the afternoon to work out in the open-air venues. When CN first opened, all of the work-out areas were air-conditioned, but since the renovation of that area, we have, on every vacation, seen at least one person overcome by the heat while working out in a group class in the open-air studio.
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