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    Default CSS Repeater's Dinner

    I know this is on the board somewhere, I even tried the search feature, but, what night is the Repeater's dinner at CSS?

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    search "css repeaters night" and you will find all the info your need.

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    I believe it's still on Wednesdays. There is also the beach party on Tuesdays, and the big gala night on Fridays.

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    When we were there in July it was on a Wednesday night. It was totally worth it and so much fun!!!! We were the youngest couple there (I turned 30 that day and my hubby is 32) but we loved interacting with everyone!

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    I know it coincides with lobster night, so I think it's Wednesday (unless it conflicts with Christmas/New Years). We've seen the group dinners moved for the holidays a couple times, but they did an impressive holiday party those times.

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    Wednesday, same as lobster night
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    When we went in 2011 the repeaters dinner was on thursday....we do Lobster night in Casanova...which for the still my favorite restaurant i've ever eaten in. Anywhere. If they did move it to seems we will have a hard decision to make next week. Dont want to give up my wednesdays at Casanova

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    Repeaters dinner is on Wednesdays.

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