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    Hey guys,

    My wife and I spent 8 nights at CSA last October for our honeymoon. We have just booked a week to the new resort in Barbados for our one year anniversary. I was looking at my Romance rewards and noticed that our first trip has never registered. how can I fix this? i dont see any sort of contact information for support or anything. help??


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    Go to the Romance Rewards page, click on Romance Rewards Coordinator (look at the list of options under the photo) and send a note asking for an update. I had to do this before and it was handled very quickly.

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    You can send them an email with your previous booking number (CSA booking number). They should be able to correct your account balance. That's what we did, it was corrected right away.
    I believe I used the email address below:

    Good Luck!

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    just call customer service. the number is on the bottom of the web site. there is an option for romance rewards. u will acually get to speak to someone. just explain ur situtation. they r very easy going. after all u r now a repeater and they want to keep coming back. no worries mon

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