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    Default Fitness Center and Pricing

    Is there a fitness center at Couple Barbados? Also, if I book now for my honeymoon in July, how can I be sure I will have an all inclusive package and is it safe to say the pricing is still going to be like Swept Away? Also, do I have to worry about hidden fees or charges with the all-inclusive?

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    A new fitness center is one of the items that Couples will be adding as part of their $3 million upgrades.

    As of June 14, the property will be completely switched over to Couples so you don't have anything to worry about with an all-inclusive package. If you book now for July 2013, the pricing won't change.

    All of Couples properties are all-inclusives with no hidden fees or charges. Unless, of course, you charge incidentals to your room (spa packages, private dinners, photographers, gift shop, etc) then you would be expected to pay for those.
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