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Thread: June CTI Bugs?

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    Planning for a first time Couples visit June 10-18 of this year for our honeymoon at CTI. I am pretty allergic to bug bites and our Hawaii vacation was almost ruined by the huge blisters I got from sand flea bites at a luau. Can anyone tell me how bad the bugs are in June at CTI? We want to try the island, less bugs there? More? Any recommendations on preventative measures? I seem to attract the bugs :-( Thanks for the help!

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    We were there over Christmas and I didn't get a single bug bite and bugs seem to love me. We were both on the mainland and the island. In fact, I don't remember ever seeing even an ant crawling around. There were a couple of bees one day by the swim up bar, but that's it.

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    I'm interested to know too! We are planning on CTI for our 2014 honeymoon and I have terrible reactions to bug bites; swelling up, scars, etc. My fiance wont even have 1 and I will have 30! Its awful!

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    We went to CTI for our honeymoon in June 2011 and never saw a bug once. There was always a bit of a breeze so that may have helped, but either way it wasn't buggy at all!

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    We were at CTI last June. I remember some people mentioning sand fleas, but I didn't see any and we had ZERO bites from any insects.

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    Hi Two_Ls! I too am allergic to bug bites! During our last trip to CSS in December, I was the talk of SSB, everyone wanted to see my bug bite blisters! They were the size of quarters! I have found that the Bullfrog Bug Spray Sun Screen worked well, I only got bites on the areas I missed while spraying! I also like the Skin So Soft from Avon....As a person who gets bit on most vacations, I just don't let the bites ruin my trip. I also bring a good antihistamine and Benadryl cream to put on my bites. I'm not going to let bugs ruin my trip to paradise!

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    We've been four times. One time we went there were some flying bugs at night on the garden side which bit us while we were in the hammock. Other than that, never been bitten.

    Only bugs we saw on the Island were ants that were having their fill on a bottle that had spilt. I'd be surprised if you'd get bitten there as the wind usually is off the water and not from land.

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    We were at CTI in July/August 2012 and didn't see many bugs at all. We did have a few ants on our balcony, but they were quickly taken care of upon request.

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