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    Default Sea creatures in the sand at CSA

    This may sound strange, but I have a phobia about walking barefoot in the water. Are their stingrays? Do you have to shuffle your feet to avoid them? I have been in several oceans, Gulf of Mexico, etc, never had a problem. But have always been creeped out about stepping on something on the ocean floor...... Any worries on 7 mile beach? Should I bring water shoes? Does staff warn about any critters? Thanks for any info.....43 more days!!!

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    I would say bring the water shoes, and when you are at the resort, make up your own mind. If you have the shoes, at least you have the option to wear them if you want. Swept Away is all sand and I personally have never had a problem.

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    We saw one sting ray in the water with us. It moved very slowly and everyone around it watched it move away from us. I've never stepped on creatures while in the water. You may see some little crabs disappear into the sand on the beach, but they don't bother anything. They want to get away from you.

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    I have never worried about it, although I usually am looking down anyway to see if I can spot any sea creatures. I have seen, star fish and sting rays, as well as crabs. Have never stepped on any of them. If water shoes would make you feel more comfortable, take them and wear them. It is your vacation and you need to do what makes you happy and content. This is one of the top 3 beaches in the Caribbean and walking it and in it is pure joy, with or without water shoes.

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    Hi ScottAlan.....I wouldn't worry. I'm creeped out about that stuff too but have never had any issue. Now, I do have to say one time as we walked south on 7 mile, there was a stingray swimming along near shore but that was the only time I've ever seen that. You are going to LOVE CSA. We return on May 5th!

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    There is no issue walking in the ocean at CSA from my recent experience. You may find the errant rock, but even that is very very very rare! While we were there we had 2 instances where a large ray was swimming along the coast, but it didn't come near anyone or bother anything. They were quite obvious as well... large dark mass.

    You may have an occasional incident with a tiny crab on the beach, mainly in the morning. You just have to look for the little holes in the sand. We have some pictures and video of a little guy popping out of his hole all "puffy" because another crab was pestering him - very amusing!

    The beach is amazing, very smooth and free of debris.

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    Saw one once swimming along the beach south of CSA during our morning walk. Other than that we've never seen one near the resort. The water's clear enough that you'd most likely see one before stepping on it. Wouldn't worry about wearing water shoes.

    Relax and enjoy!

    Bart & Bug

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    I have never seen anything other than small fish. If you don't like them you probably shouldn't get in the water.

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    Yes, there are stingrays in water. We were there once and there was a 4 foot stingray swimming along the shoreline. This was early morning, and there was a woman wading who came hollering out of the water, and her husband just about fell over from laughing!! There are also little crabs and starfish and little tiny fish.

    We've never had a problem with any of these swimming things, and you'll find that the water is crystal clear and there generally is nothing but sand in the roped off areas.

    Don't need water shoes at CSA. If you're one of the first people in the water in the morning, just shuffle your feet. Otherwise, as more people get in the water you'll find that there are fewer fish as the day goes on.

    Please don't fret - just plan on enjoying a fabulous beach! (and PS - there are 3 pools if you find you just can't make it into the ocean)!

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    The past couple of years in the late afternoon we have been fortunate to see a stingray in the water. To us it is very beautiful and graceful. We never felt that we were in danger, just wish we would have had our camera along. Go and enjoy---no worries.

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    Over the years I've seen several large sting rays in fairly shallow water. They were always on their way somewhere else, and have no interest in encountering people. They just go around us.

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    We just got back from CSA last week. We have our own snorkeling equipment, so I would snorkel around in the roped off area. On our last morning, I did see a small (about 3') stingray swimming around the rope. He was definitely looking for something, perhaps chasing a fish. From what I've heard, the stingrays mostly only venture close to shore fairly early in the morning (this was around 9:30). We saw lots of starfish of all sizes, too, but again, only along the rope. The occasional fish will wander into the swimming area, too. But because there are no rocks or sea grass in the swimming area, there's really nothing there to attract the sea critters. The sea bottom is the softest white sand with the occasional shell.

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    I am so afraid of any sea creatures. It is silly but can't help it. I don't worry when at Csa. It is so clear you can see the bottom. True the last few years there have been little rays spotted but that didn't deter me. I always take a floatie with me and if feel the need just hop on and paddle out. If you feel better wearing shoes then do so just don't go to Csa and not enjoy swimming in that beautiful water.

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    We have been there 3 times and have never seen a sting ray. I am sure some are around but believe it or not they are more afraid of you than you are of them. What we did see a few of are live starfish if you slowly walk in water about chest deep you will find some if the water is calm. We loved hunting for the little guys. Nothing to worry about though. No rocks or seaweed or anything to bite you. Just very clear water that allows you to see the bottom at all times so enjoy.

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    When we were at CN in the summer, one of the guests stepped on a stingray and her foot was all bandaged up. She told us that it really hurt, and she got really sick and was throwing up. We saw it sitting in the sand, so I too was freaked out for the rest of the week. Not to scare anyone, but just know that they are there, and it can happen.

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    I was at CSA in July one year and got stung by these small jellyfish with a red x on them. This was the only time it ever happened and hasn't happened since. Hope they aren't there when you are. I have since purchased sunscreen that supposedly keeps them away from you but haven't seen them since I bought it. When they stung me it looked like I had been whipped with a whip. Very big welts and after a couple days it got itchy. I was only there for a week so I kept going in the water. I got stung about 4 or 5 times. My wife didn't get stung at all but they sure liked me.

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    Name:  Jamaica 2011 052.jpg
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Size:  283.0 KB This is the only creature we came across. All is good mon...No worries.

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    Just this guy!

    Life is good

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    We've seen sunrays (the fish, not the kind that come from the sun) and black rays many times at SweptAway, ranging in size from 1 to 3 foot wingspans. Trust me, they will be far more wary of you than you are of them... if you're lucky, you'll get to observe them. They don't lay still on the bottom like you'd think... they are usually on the prowl for whatever it is they eat. Like any shark, if they stop moving, they'll die.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    It's the sea! There are creatures in the sea...large and small. We've been many times and have seen large fish, small fish, stingrays, crabs (in and out of the water). If you're phobic, stay in the pool. Water shoes are lovely, but if you're phobic, what's going to protect your legs and other body parts? We've never had a problem with anything "attacking" us!

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    this was a ray swimming by the beach at csa on valentines dayName:  ray.jpg
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    I always make sure I "shuffle" my feet when walking in the water....... This usually gives any sea creatures hiding in the sand a "heads up" that someone is coming and then they usually swim off before you step on them..

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    I am bringing a flashlight to FIND the sea creatures in the water at night...

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