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    Just wondering if you can go to the Caves Resort for an after dinner drink. Not sure if I really want to do dinner, but don't know if it's worth going for just a drink. How far is it from CSA?

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    We have some friends that stayed there a couple of years ago and suggested we go check it out. Would like to know as well.

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    Are you sure you can even have dinner at The Caves? They do have a bar called The Sands thats open to non guests Wednesday to Saturday for a sunset happy hour. My husband and I stayed there for a couple nights last year and The Sands wasn't open any of the nights we were there. CSA did have a planned trip there once a week but I could"t find it on the excursions list so I'm not sure if they still go.
    Now to try to answer your questions..The Caves is pretty far into the West End so Id say around a 10 minute or so cab ride. And to me a trip to cliffs is always worth it!

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