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    Default Topless on Negril Beach

    Maybe a wierd question, but is the whole 7 miles of Negril topless? We want to stroll the beach outside of the CSA area but wondering if I will get hassled for being topless. Maybe I should ask a different question, is this even safe to walk off the property?

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    My wife (topless) and I have reguarly walked daily all of Bloody Bay and all of Long Bay (Bloody Bay, Long bay make up 7 mile beach) and have never had an issue at all, we walk along the waters edge usually about four times a day on Bloody Bay (CN)and on Long bay (CSA) we walk north in the mornings and south in the afternoon, never had any issue whatsoever and we have been to Negril approxiametly a dozen times, if you ar comfortable than do so, many will respond with different takes on this, its dissrespectful to families you may pass along the way, or disrespectful to the locals but you inquired as to whether you can walk 7miles topless and yes you can, are there many that do so, no we have maybe seen others once or twice on each of our trips besides us, you will see topless also on the beaches at different resorts at lounges or maybe going for a dip. Along our walks we have encountered the beach police, regular police and security and never have had more than a smile and a hello.

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    Yes it's safe and yes you can take your top off.....No problem.

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    Just though I would ad our experience. As stated above, many different thoughts on this.
    My wife does not like wearing a top at all when in the sun and pretty much practiced this from the time she entered the beach until we went off the beach in the evening. We walked Blooby Cay everyday and 7 mile a a few days during our 3wk stay. We were welcomed at Office of Nature all the time, had a few beers and fresh lobster. Matter fact the people/locals working there looked forward to us coming back everyday. Wife went on the jet skis a few times without no questions. I felt she/I were very excepted with the locals not wearing a top. Stopped at a couple of bars on the 7 mile for drinks. I was sure to ask the bar tenders/servers/owners if it was ok for her to be welcome in there establishment before intruding. The answer was always "no problem". I didn't feel that anybody we were around was uncomfortable or had a problem. I think people make more of an issue with it when talking about it on these forum boards when most are sitting at home not in the environment. When on the beach, in the environment, it dose not appear to us that they really care. I will ad that we/she was asked by many if they could take her/our pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VegasHeat View Post
    We walked Blooby Cay everyday...
    The beach (and water) is Bloody Bay. The island is Booby Cay. Not sure where Blooby Cay is.

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