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    Default 1st time at CSS...Some Questions

    Wife and I making our first trip to CSS Nov 18-25 and can't wait to hit SSB after all the positive comments on this forum. Just wondering what weather is like this time of year? We have ourselves booked into Penthouse suite but it seems the Beachfront suites are the more popular. Would love sovereign feedback on the diff and if we should change? Thx k&r

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    We have not been in November but we have been during the first week of Dec and at the end of October
    Weather was great
    Mid-80s during the day; mid-70's after dark
    We found the water to be a little cool in the pools and ocean (my wife wouldn't sit at the swim-up bar like she does in the summer)
    but the hot tub was awesome!

    as for rooms, it is personal preference
    We stay in the PH and love them
    we have friends that stay in G block and love that
    We have friends that stay in the BFsuites and love that

    the PH have great views and are a little higher up
    Kind of in the middle between the upper area (Balloon bar and Casanova restaurant) and the lower area (Beach, beach bar, main pool, and Palazina)
    BFS are definitely closer to SSB and are on the same level (no steps up or down)
    The price is pretty similar so probably should chose based on other factors

    Hope this helps


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    Can't speak for the weather during that time of year but we're sure someone will step up to the plate and provide feedback on that. As for the differences between a penthouse and beachfront suite. Both have multiple rooms; bedroom, bathroom and living area, but the penthouses have the best view (higher up) and larger balconies with loungers (beachfront suites don't have them at all). Beachfront suites are closer to the beach and require less stair climbing so would be better for those with reduced/limited mobility. Beachfront suites also offer a jacuzzi tub. Hopefully this small comparison helps answer some of your questions. Undoubtedly others will give additional details.

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    Thx everyone. We will stay with the PH on this first visit. The steps won't be an issue...we're in our early 60's but in great shape. Can't wait to hit SSB and pool.

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