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    Default Two important reasons

    It was way past ten at night, and the two lovers were all but passed out on the floor. It had been a very long day. In fact, it had been a rather tough week overall. Just so many things that had to be done, and arrangements made for this and for that. But right now, as he and she sit silently in their living room,midst clothes, bags, papers, and various other piles of "stuff", all the hard work is behind them. Right now, all they want is a few moments to catch their breath. He sighs, she sighs. They are sitting sort of side by side, leaning on each other. He turns toward her and looks her in the eyes and says, "I think we got everything" She smiles, nods her head in response.
    Then, very suddenly, she sits up straight, her eyes wide open, looks right at him and says, "O M G, WE'RE GOING TO JAMAICA TOMORROW". It was pretty obvious that he and she were very excited to be going to Couples. This was their first trip to the Caribbean. First trip anywhere really. And they, like so many others before them, and for all that will follow throughout time, are having a CR that will never again be repeated. This one is truly one of a kind. What makes this CR so different, so incredibly special? Well, for one thing, they are first timers, newbies. They don't even know that what they are feeling is a CR. No, right now they have visions of palm trees, a nice beach, good food, and good times.
    Both of them have been reading the MB. Also known as the Mother Board. Lurking about in the silent shadows, trying to absorb all the information so that their "first time", will be something to remember. If they only knew.

    You and I know, that because they chose Couples for their vacation, the time there will be much more than just memorable. These two people don't know that from the moment they step in to the Couples lounge at Sangster Airport, the woman behind the desk will stand up, extend her arms to greet them, a beautiful smile on her face, and she will say to them, "Welcome to Couples". At that precise moment the couple will enter a world of unimaginable comfort and caring, peace and tranquility. They have crossed over to the 'Couples Zone". They will go where they have never gone before. Nothing will ever be the same again.

    but first, they had to get through this night.

    So our soon to be travelers are absolutely delirious with excitement. There are tears of joy, wonderment, and disbelief streaming down their cheeks. They put their arms around each other, and hold each other closely, but neither one of them had even a inkling of an idea of what lies in store for them.

    They are completely unaware, as they sit there on the floor, giggling and hugging and dreaming, that they would remember this night for yet another incredible event. This occurs each and every time you return to the land of hospitality and friendship, laughter and warm hearts. This is true for the virginal "first timer"to the more seasoned visitor, any time you are returning to this oasis of serenity, a picture postcard scene that comes to life. This night, the night before they leave is known as "Couples Eve". Not to be confused with any other Eves.

    This is a night where our sleepy couple can only continue to imagine and wonder and look forward to their junket to Jamaica. Now, as they begin to turn out the lights and get ready for bed, hand in hand they move toward the bedroom for, what they hope will be a restful night. This night will turn out to be very special indeed. The night before you actually leave. The night that you share a Couples Eve.

    I must thank my good friends Diane and Eric. She posted last week concerning her trip to CN that she won. She mentioned in that post the she and Eric have sort of a routine on the night before. She said that they always called it "Couples Eve". So I am taking her idea and proclaiming that we all have still another reason to celebrate. Even before we get there.

    Thanks Diane.

    It's not hard to find more reasons to celebrate. Being at the resort, in reality, is the shortest period of time. Most of the year is spent in thinking, dreaming, planning, hoping, counting.

    Imagine, if you would, being with the one you love. It could be any time of the day. The day fades in to evening, and it just became "Couples Eve".

    Once they go, they too will know.

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    This is really fantastic! Thank you for posting.
    Romance Rewards and Preferred Agency Program
    Couples Resorts!

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    I love your postings, Richie. Joe and I are looking forward to meeting you and Sylvia next year.
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    Two more weeks and we will be at Couples Eve. CTI Couples Eve, can't wait for Oct 2nd. Nice post Richie.

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    Richie: Well put, I never thought of "Couples Eve" before. I do know the anticipation is high if you are first timers or if you have been several times. I think it is different somewhat because if you've been you know what to anticipate and yearn for it more.

    Couples Eve will be celebrated on December 3rd this year. Oh, I am already dreaming of it.

    Thanks for your great posts, they are always thought provoking and a good read.

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    Thank you Richie

    We feel exactly the same way. You express it so perfectly!!!

    Mariann and Jimmy

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    OH MY GOODNESS!! This post is SO US this very night!! We are leaving in the very early morning for our FIRST trip to CN!! It all rang true! Have to add that there has been a wee bit of arguing over how much "stuff" to take! Nothing that a bottle of wine didn't solve.
    I'm so excited, I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!!

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    Couples Eve in 48 days for us! And we don't even have to go to sleep that night because we leave Denver at 1:10AM. Solves the problem of if we sleep or not the night before. Yee Haw! Now to find someone who wants to drag our butts to the airport at 11:00pm, that might be a bit harder. LOL
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Thanks Richie! Tonight is Couples Eve for us and this really hit the spot.

    Tomorrow starts our 5th trip and it seems I'm more excited than the first time we went.

    CSA here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    we are FINALLY doing the single digit dance! 9 more days! Wooo Hooo!!! C.S.A. here we come.

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    The "James Patterson" of the MB strikes again!!

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    Just checked the calendar and we have 66 days til Couples Eve. The days are flying by! Razzl

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    Our "Couples Eve" is in 12 days. What could be better going to bed on a Sunday night knowing that your Monday will not bring the stressors of work but will be spent in paradise with the one you love most?
    Kristie & Tim
    CN '99,'04,'06,'07,'09
    COR '00
    CSS 10/5/09 - 10/10/09

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    Wishing I was at Tower Isle right now. It is raining now. It is really nasty out. Thanks for the story, I really enjoyed it.

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    Our first Couples eve is in 144 days! It is sooo true, we have spent the whole year planning! Cant wait! Thanks for the wonderful post!

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    Default Crabracer

    We absolutely love to read all of your posts. You are truly gifted with speech and writing. Some time ago you put a post on the Message Board about suitcases being anxious to return to Jamaica. We had printed this off but have since misplaced it. Would you please post this again if it is not too much trouble.We would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Gladys and Harry

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    Our Couples Eve is tomorrow...We are so excited! CSS here we come...Can't wait.

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    As always Richie well put!!!!!!!!!!!

    Couples Eve for us is a night when you are doing the dance of joy, we have been packed for a month at this point, only last minute toiletries need to be added to the bags. Sleep is hard to come by, laying there fully realizing you will be home in just a few short hours, if you are returning to a resort you have been to, you know what to expect, if you are a newbie to Couples or a new resort the anticipation of what is to come is killing you, even if you know what to expect the anticipation of what to expect is killing you. Then you worry about if you do fall asleep not waking up and missing your flight......

    Even though your sleep was not a sound sleep, you wake up with a renewed energy, one you can't quite tame, because this is finally the day!!!!!!

    Thanks Richie for bringing that very clear memory back!!! 204 days until our next Couples Eve!

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