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    Default Drink/Cocktails Ideas

    Anyone have drink/cocktail suggestions to try while at couples? Someone suggested Rum and Ting

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    Almaretto and Orange Juice on Ice. = Upper Cut. The Missus will love them!

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    the SeaBreeze was my favorite )

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    If you get tired of the super sweet then go for an Appleton VX and tonic with a lime. Basic cocktail but so good. When in Rome........

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    The bars have drink menues available for you to drink your way through. There are drinks of the day and most bartenders have their own special drink. Some standards I like are a BBC (banana, Baily's, and cream) though I prefer this with the rum cream, Hummingbird, Extra Dirty Banana, VX Rum Punch (better Appleton rum), Dark and Stormy, Miami Vice with a rum floater, well...actually just about any drink with the Appleton rum works. Try new things...drinks are included and cost nothing extra. If you don't like one try another. You may find that new drink that will become your favorite drink! Ya mon...rummmmmmmmmmmmm!

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    Of course, you must have at least one Bob Marley shot.
    I recommend a vodka slushy. Not too sweet, and very refreshing!

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