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    Default ISSA trust donation?

    Hi everyone! Recently while reading a TripAdvisor review, I saw someone mention that they were charged a $5.00 ISSA trust donation at the end of their stay. Now, I am a frequent contributor to charities, and I actually work for a non-profit, but I find that kind of uncool to charge guests a mandatory donation. I know it's only $5.00, but shouldn't that be something a guest can choose to do, instead of being forced to? I'm sure ISSA is a very worthy cause, but I really would like to be able to make the decision for myself. And if they make it mandatory, why not just build it into the cost of the resort?

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    Don't believe everything you read on trip advisor. We just got home from CSA and it is not a mandatory donation. The desk clerk asked if it was ok or not, which I graciously agreed as it is a very worthy cause!!

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    Not true - It's not mandatory. We just got back. There is a card explaining it all in your welcome packet. They add it to your room and you are supposed to tell them if you donít want to donate. I wanted to donate the $5, but when I checked out, they had already removed it. I had to ask them to add it back in.
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    Yes, it's the $5.00 donation is on your bill at checkout (at CN at least). This seems to be a new thing. There is a small card talking about this in your room.....if you happen to read it. It says that you can opt out of the donation. I did read it right when we got to our room. Then proceeded to completely forget about it.

    When we checked out on 12/26/13, the night before our departure, the desk clerk read our charges out loud to us, we said yup, sounds good & he charged our c.c. (never mentioning the extra $5.00). I had to ask for a print out of our bill & then noticed that $5.00 charge. At that point I wasn't going to ask for a credit for a piddly $5.00. But, I didn't like how this was handled. If they just asked me at checkout for a $5.00 donation I would absolutely say yes, but I don't like how they just kind of slip it in there. It's obviously not about the money (I also regularly donate to causes of my choice), just the principle.

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    It not mandatory, they must be mistaken

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    When we were checking out we had to have a different charge taken off (had reserved a private island dinner but due to Sandy it wasn't possible to get to the island) and while we were discussing the bill the lady at the front desk asked if we wanted the $5 ISSA trust donation removed as well. We had her leave the donation (which brought our total bill up to $8) but I guess my point is I think they will take the charge off if you ask.

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    We were offered to opt out of making this donation upon check-out. Its also spelled out on the bill you recieve before checking out. If someone was to have a problem with it they'd need to be clever enough to actually read the bill and ask questions before signing the bill, thereby agreeing to its accuracy. It is not mandatory. Read all TA reviews critically. If one person is squawking about something no one else mentions, that reviewer is probably somewhere between half-a-bubble off, and full out BSC.

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    We just returned from CSA. The $5.00 donation was on our statement at checkout but I was asked if I agreed to it being there or preferred that it be removed. I didn't feel "forced" to make the donation but can understand how some people might be uncomfortable. We always support the Issa Trust Foundation and didn't think twice about agreeing to leave it there. I saw it as no different than being asked to contribute to something at the checkout in a store.

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