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    We just read "The Moderators" thread. Thank you to the folks at Couples for this forum - it must be a great source off pride but also a great amount of work. I can't imagine how much it takes to read through so many posts, and vet them so that we benefit when we come to the site for information. Thank you to Randy and the staff who look after this website - it really does reflect well on Couples and was a big reason why we chose to book a holiday in the summer !

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    We appreciate this forum also. Thanks for all the effort.

    The Couples Message Board was the reason we chose Couples for our first AI experience last year. The information we found on the message board last year helped us be properly prepared for our vacation which made the trip amazing. Our first amazing trip is the reason we will be at Couples Negril in 33 days!!

    Thanks to Randy and staff for making this message board available!

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    I, too, greatly appreciate this board. I did respond to the other thread about my disappointment with the time span between updates but now that I read Randy's response to why they have it the way they do, it makes sense now (something about issues with competitors?). Wish I could have responded to that and thanked him but he closed the thread. Again, I don't post anything that needs an immediate response but I love that Randy will try an update 2x a day now.

    I was a member of this board 9 years ago when I was planning my wedding at CSA (2004). And then also posted frequently for our visit to CN in 2006. Many people helped me with my fear of going topless... and I did it and met some of those wonderful people when we were there.

    But haven't been on it until recently now that we are finally able to go "home". I don't remember it being this way then. But I might be wrong. Don't have the best memory!!!

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    This message board was also a huge deciding factor in our decision on where to get married. I have never been to Jamaica before, and we had no idea how to even start looking for where we wanted to stay. Another couples addict told us about couples, and we checked out the website. Even without having ever been to the resort, I am completely addicted to couples. We got engaged December 2011, and I have been on the board almost every single day since then. All the posts have helped TREMENDOUSLY with our questions and concerns, and have made us feel so much more relaxed and confident in our decision to choose couples.

    19 days 23 hours 58 minutes until we touchdown in paradise!!!!

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    I think that if people have been on other boards that may post a little more quickly, then I can understand their frustrations.
    I think I've been on this board since 1995, maybe 96. There have been a lot of people who, may still be reading, but never post anymore. And of course, there have been a lot of new people too.

    The speed at which this board posts, is very much like Jamaica. Soon come, mon. In a way, it keeps the slow and easy pace we find at any of the four resorts, so that when you're reading here, you still have that laid back feeling. But being back in the real world, we just have to have it now, if not sooner.

    Personally, there are times when I would like to see some new posts. Especially on the week-ends. But I'm not back here throwing a hissy fit, just because there's nothing new to read.
    I may be back in the "real world", but I try to keep the Jamaican pace with me at all times. Now I'm retired, working part time, but I have a lot of time on my hands. So I'm taking it easy everywhere I go.

    Some of my posts can be quite long. I like to write, and writing about Couples is more than just an exercise of tranquility. I try to keep them short, which is difficult, because I know that Randy or Ivonna have to read it.

    Thanks to the MB and the staff that afford us all an opportunity to remain connected to Couples through these posts. And if your post doesn't show up for a day or so, chill out. this is not something that you want to get worked up over, or worse yet, cop an attitude.
    This is a Herculean effort to monitor this board, in addition to all the other things that they need to take care of. Not to mention, have a life.

    Thanks guys.


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