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    Default Which resort is best for us?

    My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Jamaica the first week of July 2013. I have looked at all of the different couples resorts, but I'm not sure which one is best for us! We are a younger couple 23 and 24, we are looking for relaxation and romance, but also a great night life and fun activities. Any suggestions?

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    Hi Scarsonphoto and welcome to the Couples Family!
    If you're sports inspired people then I'd recommend CSA. CSA has won our hearts because it's spread out and there's always something to do. I enjoy going over to the sports complex and taking a few exercise classes or just playing a few games of pool or ping pong or lounging in the lap pool while sipping on a smoothie. They also have a great gym, squash and racquetball courts there. You can even schedule free tennis lessons over there. If sports aren't your thing, then walking 7 Mile Beach is always fun to see other resorts and local people and shops along the way. You can also hangout at the swimup bar near the Greathouse where there's usually a younger crowd. The evening entertainment is always very good in the Palms restaurant. We also spend our evenings with Ultimate Chocolate (Ulti) at the piano in the Aura Lounge singing along or playing name that tune. After Ulti, the disco starts up and doesn't end until the last person leaves. So it's my feeling that you'll never be bored at CSA, that is unless you choose to just let sand gravity take hold and lie on the beach. There's plenty of beach where you can do that. Well enjoy your time deciding which resort to call your home away from home on Jamaica!

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    All of them have what you have requested.
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    We've been to both CSS and CSA. My wife likes CSS best and I like CSA. If you like beaches you want to stay in Negril. If just beautiful landscaping is the top choice CSS is great. I've said to a number of friends, if I were going on a honeymoon I would go to CSA. If I were going to be married in Jamaica, I would go to CSS.

    We did recommend it to a newlywed couple who went to CSA and they loved it (they were in the late 20s).

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    What did you decide? We are going on our honeymoon July 6-15 2013 to Couples Negril and we are in our mid 20s as well. We wanted the relaxation/nighlife as well and it sounds like at CN you can pretty much choose how social you want to be. We couldn't decide b/t CN and CSA at first but we liked the activities, pool, and beach (more private--its a cove) at CN better and we figured if the nightlife isn't as great at night, we'll just make drinks in our room and hang out in the hottub with anyone else who's still up lol... plus you have to factor in your gonna be drinking ALL DAY LONG (at least we are!!!) and doing excursions/etc so you'll probably be a little more tired earlier than at home if you were to go out!

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