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    Default Private Dinner on Beach

    Hi all. Come on April!!! that I got that outta the way. Like i have said on previous post this is gonna be my first time. I was thinking of doing the private dinner on the beach for our last night in Jamaica kinda as a nice little surprise for my wife. I am wanting to know two little questions tho. First is it worth the money. I dont remember the exact amount....think it was around $150. I dont mind paying it if it is worth doing...which leads me to my next question. If i do i have to worry about the sand fleas. After many posts that i have been reading the last few months it doesnt sound like they are fun to deal with. I dont want to be having this nice wrap up meal and be worried if i am getting eaten alive. Thanks for any info you can give me.


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    Are you talking about CSA? If so, we did the dinner on the beach last year. It was the first week in Feb. We had been married the previous June, so it was technically our 'honeymoon dinner'. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Our waiter was perfect, very friendly, efficient and during coarses he would sit back away from us so we could have our conversation and private time. However, we did talk with him and he was very informative about Jamaica, the language etc. We saw other couples leaving their tables before us. Just figured they didn't have as interesting a waiter as we did.

    We are very happy we did it..........probably would not do it again though. Once it's been done, that pretty much takes care of our curiosity about it.

    Re: sand fleas Not sure if the time of the year affects the presence of sand fleas, but we had none at this time. The chairs are covered so you are not sitting directly on a plastic chair. The table was very beautiful.

    All in all it was worth the $ do it once.

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    My wife and I did this on our 3rd trip to Swept Away and it was worth every penny. We did however, have the beach to ourselves, as we were set up at the last minute due to a schedule mix up. The sand fleas were not an issue, but that was then. One thing I might suggest, don't wait until the last night. What if it rains? I think earlier in the trip keeps that memory for every other night you are there. Every time you walk at night, and see a setup, you'll think about your dinner.

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    I have another question along this subject line. At CSA, I have the menu for the dinner, but what are te drink options? Do we have to purchase wine separately or is it included?

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    Yeah...I did forget to mention this is at Swept Away. Thanks for the replies. It is giving me something to think about.

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