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    We arrive at CSA on March 28, the very end of lobster season. I understand that lobster night is Saturday, do you think their will be a lobster night Finale? Are lobsters plentiful in Jamaica? We love lobster and look forward to a great meal. Even if their is no lobster on our stay, I am 100 percent sure that we will have the most awesome vacation in many, many moons

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    Sat. the 29th, lobster! I know I'll be eating mine!!!

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    My guess would be yes, there will be lobster on the 30th. Off season is from April 1 to June 30 so I think you will be enjoying lobster night in March. We have been to CSA six times so far, seven coming up, and always in June, never had lobster. I understand that the lobster in Jamaica is wonderful. However you are correct in that your trip would still be great. We have always had wonderful seafood and all the other great food that is prepared at CSA on our trips and have not felt that we have missed out on anything at all. It is a method of conserving the species and Jamaican law, so we are ardent supporters of the policy that Couples serves no lobster of any kind in the off season. One of the things that has earned them my respect and loyalty.

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    Lobster Night at CSA is Saturday, which will be March 30th, so you will not miss out. No worries! Also, Lobster trapping must cease on March 31st, but, technically, they can still be served up til April 21st, so while you may not be able to get any lobster at the resort after March 31st, you may find some places in the area, like Cosmo's maybe, where you can still enjoy some of the tasty crustacean later in your stay. Not sure if the Office of Nature serves lobster til April 21st, but it's worth checking out. Enjoy!

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