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    I have a question regarding the mini bar in the different rooms at CSA. As much as I love this message board, and check it often (because my fiance and I will be Couples newbies this August)... I get contradicting information sometimes. Some of the posts I find are older, so I want to make sure the information is still the same.

    Can someone tell me, who has very recently stayed at CSA... if there are mini bars in ALL of the room categories. We are most likely going to be staying in any 1 of the 3 beachfront categories (BFS, BFVS, or PBFS). Do all of these have mini bars?

    This may seem trivial because we could just leave our room to go to the bar. But there's something to be said about spending a night in with my new hubby... with a drink

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    We just got back from CSA Wednesday evening. All of the rooms now have mini-bars. This is a somewhat recent change (within the past few years), which is why you may see conflicting reports in older posts.

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    All rooms at all Couples resorts have minibars.

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    We are going back to CSA this April for the fourth year in a row and I can assure you there is a mini bar/refrigerator in every room. Have you been to any Couples before? If so, you should have a Romance Reward (look at the bottom of the Couples page) account and can pre checkin with requested liquors for your room. Otherwise do this at the desk when you check in. They will get you bottles of various liquors for your room. Mixers, soda, and water are already there. Ya's Couples so no problem.

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    From the accommodations information on CSA's web page:

    "[E]very room boasts the latest IPOD/MP3 player and satellite cable flat screen TV (except the Classic Caribbean-style Atrium and Beachfront Suites). Other conveniences include a fully stocked mini-bar, in-room safe, iron and ironing board and a telephone. Every room has a large ceiling fan and is also fully air-conditioned and enjoys nightly turndown service."
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    We just returned from CSA. We had the BFVS and yes there is a mini bar. They stock the frig with Red Stripe bottles, water, soda, and juices.......they have a card you can fill out to determine what types of these you want. Also you can check the different liquiors you would want. We checked gin, rum and scotch. We also checked red wine, white wine and champagne. All were delivered to our room the next day. Each day they replace the Red Stripe and water. Not sure about the others because we didn't drink soda or juice.
    I don't know about the other room catagories. You could probably go to the CSA page that describes the different rooms and what they offer to find that out. You will love CSA. It was our 3rd time. Our friends have been there 9 times. Repeat business says something good.....don't you think ?

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    I was also interested in what brands they stock, I don't drink often and would like to look up drinks by some brands if anyone can help???

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    I didn't check the brands on anything but the Scotch........only because my husband drinks Scotch and we noticed the was 'Teachers'. He's never heard of it nor did he get around to drinking any in the room.......can't help you with what it tasted like.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rhunter72 View Post
    I was also interested in what brands they stock, I don't drink often and would like to look up drinks by some brands if anyone can help???

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