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    Default International AirLink vs. Timair

    I have a couple of questions regarding AirLink and Timair for traveling from Montego Bay to Negril.

    First - We will be arriving on a Saturday. Does anyone have any experience with just booking a flight upon landing? I can get a little airsick and don't want to fly in a small plane if the weather is at all bad. Thus would like to land and then make a decision - Would that work at all or should I just suck it up and make a reservation?

    Second - To those of you who have flown both, which would you recommend.


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    I have used Timair, they are very efficient and curtious. The flight is a quick 15-20 minutes. The planes are small but the views make up for it!

    If your trying to get to the resort, quick, it's not all that much faster. but seeing paradise form the sky it's well worth it! Tim air is a charter only service and generally has planes and pilots available. They usually have a sky caddies offering flights in the lobby!

    If you get air sic...there is a better chance of getting car sic as the roads to Negril are generaly rough and curved.

    Sorry no commets or complanits for International airlink

    Stay Happy

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    We flew from Montego to CSA last year on TimAir and loved it! So much so, we're going to fly from Ocho to Negril on this trip. I chose TimAir because I found they have the best customer reviews and safety ratings.

    However, I was the same as you - there was NO way I was flying in a tiny plane if when we landed in Montego it was windy, rainy, cloudy or if I just had a bad feeling. But the TimAir guys were great! I made our reservations via the web before we arrived, but there wasn't a cancellation policy nor did I have to put down a deposit, so I felt good about it.

    When we arrived at the airport, I went to the TimAir desk (which is directly across from Couples) while hubby checked in at the lounge. It was a little windy that day, so I was nervous. After I'd had 2 drinks at the bar, the gentleman from TimAir found us in the lounge and was super understanding if I didn't want to fly. But, he ended up calming my nerves and 15 minutes later we were touching down in Negril. SO WORTH IT!!

    I'd be happy to share our pictures of the plane, from the plane, and also some video of when we were mid-flight (
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    Go with Tim Air. We booked Airlink and we were not happy. I would have booked TimAir but heard about it after I had booked Airlink.


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