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    Default Sunday arrivals would it be worthwhile to buy a Club Mobay pass

    Looking for advice, normally I arrive on a weekday , but this year will be different we are arriving on a Sunday. Assuming the planes are on time, our party has arrivals ranging from 9am to noon. How are the lines on Sunday? Would a club Mobay pass be a smart investment?

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    Its not so much about the day, but the time your flight arrives how many other flights are arriving before and after in that 30 minute window. Two years ago we arrived on Sunday and although we were one of first off plane, another plane arrived before us so it was about a 20/30 minute wait.

    You can check arriving flights on flightstats or mbj website...but really you should not do that until you are a week or two out since at different times of year more or less flights may be scheduled. So for example, this year we arrive on a thursday in april. The thursday prior to our trip i'll check those sites to get an idea of arriving flights and get a sense of what i can expect.

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    fill out your jamaica customs paperwork correctly and you will fly through no problem,most don't and your delays start there.
    we arrived at 2ish with 3 other planes and 4 behind us and it took longer to walk to immigration than go thru,luggage was on belt and we where at couples lounge 10 min later

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    We have been to Couples the last 7 years in a row and never waited more than 15-20 minutes for the bus to the resort. We go straight to the Couples lounge where they tag your bags for the trip. Then we change into shorts and flip flops in the bathroom and have our complimentary Red Stripe, soda, or water at the Lounge Bar. Don't waste your money using the Club Mobay on arrival.

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    We arrived on a Sunday in January this year (and have done so for the past three Januarys). Our flight typically arrives around 12:30. We have never had to wait in much of a line on a Sunday. You never know, though, if several planes happen to arrive at once, all bets are off. But I must say that they had PLENTY of immigration agents waiting for our arrival.

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    We did it for a Sat arrival and it was great (surprised the hubby). Lots of flights arriving at the same time. The departure lounge was good. The food could have been a little better but we aren't too fussy. If you go to you can see how many flights arrive the same time your flight does. You can also e-mail me at and I can tell you more about it.

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    On any Sunday, check out the Montego Bay Aiport website. It lists all the arrivals and time and you can determine how many planes are landing around your scheduled arrival time.

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