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    Hello all,

    My wife and I are going to CSS in a few weeks and I'm concerned we may not have booked the best room for us. We are staying in a ONE BEDROOM BEACHFRONT SUITE. Below are our priorities for a room:

    1. Best view of the water/beach as possible from a balcony/patio (we usually prefer to be higher up for a better view). This is by far the most important thing to us.

    2. We like having a TV in the bedroom to fall asleep to. I don't think the room we are currently in has a TV in the bedroom. It looks like the TV is in the small room off the bedroom.
    3. Price. The most we can afford is the OBBFS or maybe one category higher.

    We don't care about how far we have to walk to anything or climbing stairs. We were at CSS once before about five years ago but don't remember very much about it. I know we stayed in a lower room category though.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.


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    I think you booked too high! The One Bedroom Ocean Suites have amazing views! Ask for G Block - we stayed in G8 and it had the best view you can imagine. We loved it. It also had a TV in the bedroom and was a category down from the Beachfront. It was a farther walk from everything...but we considered it penance for all we ate LOL!
    Susan & Chris
    CTI 2003, 2004
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    We stayed in Beachfront Suite B36 (third floor). Here is a photo taken from our room of the beach and ocean. Our suite had a large flat screen TV that swiveled from the sitting room to the bed room. Couldn't ask for anything better. P.S. We're headed back to CSS in May.
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    Mike & Martha

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    Hi Patrick,

    My husband and I were in a beachfront suite on our last trip there and it had a great view of the ocean (2nd floor) and the TV is on a swing arm so you can swing it around to face the bed.

    Hope this helps!
    Dave and Cheryl (Hastings, ON)

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    It was 5 years ago that we were there. We had an ocean view room from third floor. TV in the room, but room is just one big room. We loved it. Great ocean view from balcony and not in a main area with a lot of traffic. We plan to go back next year and will probably book the same type room. I think the beachfront rooms overlook the main lawn and beach, so I think the only draw back would be the traffic here.

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    We stayed in an Ocean Verandah in the D Block. TV was in room as well as in the sitting room. Here is the view! You get beach and the mountains. You also get the sound of the water lapping up against the cliff.
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    We agree with SusanL0412! We have stayed in a one bedroom beachfront, third floor, and had a great view of the ocean. BUT, when we stayed in G 8, a one bedroom ocean suite (which is one category down from the one bedroom beachfront suite), we had an AMAZING view, and a large private balcony. Here is a link to the pictures we took on that trip, with a lot taken from inside the room, and on the balcony. The only difference in the room now is that there is a double padded lounger on the balcony, instead of 2 single loungers, which is even better. We love to lay out on the lounger at night and listen to the tree frogs. Being up in G block, you are away from the main traffic areas - it's like having your own private retreat! We love it!!

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    At CSS Bldg A and B, which is closer to the restaurant, which has the pool in front?

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    Quote Originally Posted by columbo View Post
    At CSS Bldg A and B, which is closer to the restaurant, which has the pool in front?
    B building is closer to the restaurant. So I would think A building is behind the pool.

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    Best view by far is G block. We stayed in G 16 last October and it was amazing. It was like being in a treehouse. It also has a TV in the bedroom and living room area and a double lounger on the balcony. Next trip G 16 will be the room we request.

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    We have stayed in D, F, and G block. I agree that G block does provide the best views of the ocean. We loved all three blocks.....but G has the best views! Enjoy!!!!

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    Really enjoyed looking at your pictures! We are headed to CSS in May, so these made us even more excited. You are a great photographer!

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