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    Default Overnight in MoBay?

    Well, airfare out of South Florida ain't what used to be. With American out of Miami being close to $1000 roundtrip for 2, and departure times out of Ft. Lauderdale on Spirit and Caribbean Air being late in the day, we have thought about flying down a day early and spending the night in MoBay, so we can get to CN nice and early on our scheduled arrival date. Spirit and Caribbean are much more reasonable. We are obviously not looking to break the bank on a hotel there, but would like someplace clean, safe, close to the airport, and has a restaurant. Any recommendations? Approximate rates and cab fares would also help.

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    Living in New Hampshire and traveling at the end of February, we are always concerned about delays or cancelations because of the weather.

    Last year we arrived in MoBay the day before we were going to go to CN. We went to the Couples Lounge and told them we would be returning to the airport the following day. Someone got us a driver and we agreed on $15 (standard rate) to take us to Toby's, about a mile away. After we got there, we gave him $20 and he told us he could pick us up the next day to take us back to the airport.

    Booked Toby's with Expedia and it was about $100. It was clean, nothing special, and we felt very safe. That night we walked down the Hip Strip to a restaurant for diner. The next morning we had breakfast at Toby's restaurant. The driver showed up on time and took us back to the airport. He took us to the door that you exit for the buses and asked someone to get a Couples representative to come out (can't go into the airport) . They came out and checked us in and said the bus will arriving soon. We waited at the curb for about 15 minutes and the bus came by and picked us up. The driver stayed with us the entire time.

    We have the same plan this year, less than 11 days. If our flight gets canceled or we miss the connecting flight because of weather or delays, (we're getting a blizzard right now) then we can cancel Toby's and arrive the next day and then go to CN.

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    We thought about doing this too. The problem is, I don't think it is possible to get the free included shuttle to Couples if you do this. I would love to know if it there is a way to do so.

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    We have overnighted many times in MoBay at the most beautiful B&B 10mins away from the airport. If you need info, I can email you .They are also on with photo and very positive reviews.

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    We've done Doctor's Cave and Toby's. Both cheap, but after Doctor's, I don't think you'll find us at Toby's again. Much cleaner, despite the lizard...

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    We are doing the same thing in April..We are staying at the holiday Inn Montego bay...I e-mailed couples and they said all we had to do was go back to the airport in the morning and we could get the shuttle to Negril just like we were arriving that day..we are meeting some other people hence the overnight stay in MObay.

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    Thought I'd suggest an alternate plan. Instead of spending the first night in MoBay you might want to consider staying at an inexpensive place in Negril. You wouldnt be able to use the Couples shuttle, but you can set up a ride to Negril for around $50. Spend the night right on 7 mile beach or better yet,try the cliffs for a night! 10 minute ride in the morning to CN.

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    Thanks for the recommendations, but in our quest we've decided on a change of direction. Since we will be staying at CN, we decided to find a place on the West End. Right now I think we will try Bananas Garden B&B. The place looks beautiful, has gotten excellent reviews on TA and between the cab fare and nightly rate, we are still within budget.

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    EricnDiane~good choice on spending your first night on the west end! But if you havent already spent some time there,I highly recommend you stay someplace on the cliff side. You won't be sorry!

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