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    We are planning our first trip to CSA for next year and are wondering what the Must Dos are. What's not to miss. What can be missed. What are some of the secrets of CSA. What food is unique to CSA that should be tried?

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    There is a thread called "Secrets of CSA" that is probably a few pages back, or you can search for it.

    It's a long thread with exactly the information you are asking for!

    Have fun!

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    Take the resort tour. CSA is much more spread out than CN, so you'll want to make sure that you don't miss anything.

    Scheduled a spa treatment and plan to spend some time (before or after your treatment) in the Buddha pool. The sports bar is right there, so you can grab a Red Stripe or two to enjoy while you relax.

    Take the garden tour. Across the street from the main resort area (where the sports complex, spa, sports bar, and Olympic-sized pool are located), there is a garden area where they grow many interesting plants.

    Visit Seagrapes for some menu items that you won't find at CN.

    Talk a walk up Long Bay. There is much more traffic (so more to see) along Long Bay than along Bloody Bay.
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    Thanks, Pamela

    We took the Orientation Tour during a Trading Places in 2009, but maybe we should do it again. We did another Trading Places this year and spent the whole day walking down Long Bay, which is one of the reasons we decided to stay there for a week next year. We walked all the way down to the Roots ‘N’ Reggae Gift Shop and had lunch at the Ristorante da Gino. Good tip on the Buddha pool and we are planning in going on the Garden Tour. Of course, we have planned on the Nature Walk at CN, but in six trips there, have never made it. Vicki loves gardening and takes a lot of pictures of flowers and plants when we are in Jamaica. I’ve seen on the MB that Seagrapes has several items not found at other Couples resorts, so we’ll definitely have to try some of that. We ate there for lunch in 2009 and it wasn’t very good…but it was Mexican day and I’m not in the mood for Mexican food when in Jamaica!
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    Make sure to go to the Martini Bar (upstairs at the Palms) for a before or after dinner cocktail. There is a great vibe up there. Also, take a nice stroll around the property at night. All the paths and lighting are so romantic and beautiful. Have fun at CSA. We love it!

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    First thing to do is book you dinner reservations at Feathers and Lemongrass. Then make sure to book the sunset catamaran trip early. You may want to go again. Bring money to tip the crew on the boat. Next make sure to book your snorkeling trip and try to get them to take you to the "Mexico" site as it has more fish, and anchor, and cannon. The resort tour is very helpful so find out when the next one is. Walk the beach each morning. We go north one day and south the other. Lots to see and very relaxing. Many local shops and restaurants to the south. Make sure you try the banana stuffed French toast at Patois for breakfast and have fish tacos and the chips & dips at Sea Grapes. In the evening say hi to Shawn up at the Martini Bar over the Palms Restaurant and try at least once to get to the piano bar above Patois for some music by Ultimate Chocolate and sing along. That is also where the late night nightclub is. Oh...almost forgot, on Wednesday evening it is Caribbean Night so be at the Palms for the entertainment. The steel band Silverbirds are absolutely amazing! Mostly though, try all sorts of new drinks and take your chaise lounge floatie pad out into that warm calm Caribbean water and chill out. It's Jamaica mon.

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    One thing we didn't do on our first two trips to CSA was eat at Lemongrass, the Thai restaurant above the Palms. (you need a reservation). The food and atmosphere was fabulous !!!! We also had not visited the Martini Bar (also located above the Palms)..........just didn't make the effort. This past trip we signed up for Lemongrass and stopped at the Martini Bar first. Wow, did we miss out the first two years. We loved both !!!! We tried to get another reservation for Lemongrass before we left, but they were filled. Next trip, we will sign up early....twice !

    We also had not eaten the fish tacos at Seagrapes for lunch.........delicious !!!! There is an ice cream cone machine right there........great for dessert and walking the beach back to your spot. There is also an ice cream machine at the Grill........which I had not seen in the past years. Very tasty...

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